Hot in Haute Couture: Bold Runway Trends to Embrace as the Season Changes

Hot in Haute Couture:  Bold Runway Trends to Embrace as the Season Changes

Ready to refresh your wardrobe? Elevate your collection with these cutting-edge runway styles.

Fashion houses are bringing back 80s-inspired pieces with a modern twist, ranging from sustainable fashion to lively ensembles. The revival includes oversized jeans, maxi skirts, and Western dresses for women, along with the resurgence of bulky sneakers and other nostalgic items. Simultaneously, minimalistic yet substantial boots, vibrant hues, and bulky jackets are the latest sensations in the fashion industry.

Here are 6 styles that must be added to your collection for a modern approach.

  • Maxi Skirts and Dresses

Long skirts and dresses are back in fashion. For a carefree but stylish look, wear your maxi skirts or western dresses. The long outfits will accentuate the length of the legs and the tall and slender body of the individual. Moreover, the outfit can transition seamlessly from casual daywear to formal nightwear.

  • Wide-Leg Denim

Flared jeans are dramatic and fashionable. The bell bottoms from the 70s are tightly fitted from the top and flare out at the bottom. The versatile garment can be paired with long and short boots, pumps and even sliders. Pair it with sneakers, heels or boots to look smart. 

  • Casual Formal Hoodies

The latest trend is to wear your favorite jacket with an oversized hoodie. This casual but unusual combination can be paired with skinny-fit jeans for a more balanced look. However, for lounging in style, pair these garments with jogger pants or loose sweatpants and sneakers. You can even play with color combinations and textures.

  • Color Blocking Outfits

One piece dresses or any other outfits that are bold in color and put together even though the contrast is clear are called colour-blocking outfits. There are no intricate patterns or floral designs adorning the pieces. Rather, simply three elements with vibrant hues and a proper structure.

  • Oversized Clothing

An oversized jean paired with an oversized jacket or blazer is the latest winter outfit. The more vibrant the hue of the outfit, the better. This look can be pulled off by girls as well as boys. Sweatpant for women will also create a proportionate look with oversized clothes.

  • Comfy Sneakers and Bulky Boots

Sneakers for women as well as men and boots are ideal comfort footwear. A pair of bulky sneakers with proper cushioning ensures maximum comfort. Wear these sneakers with a dress to exude an edgy vibe. However, short boots, women boots are equally fashionable.

Tips For Following These Trends

  • Make sure that the garments suit your style and resonate with your personality.
  • Make sure you follow the dress code. Being appropriately dressed is vital, therefore, make sure you dress according to the occasion.
  • Boots and sneakers are expensive elements in a wardrobe. Therefore, treat them like essential accessories and coordinate the colors.


Fashion houses are coming up with new styles every year. Whether it is about reviving old trends or adding new pieces, 2024 is the year to experiment and discover your new self. Try  bulky sneakers, chunky boots, jeweled accessories and oversized clothes to jump on the bandwagon and look trendy. The edgier you are, the more will these outfits suit your personality and enhance your outlook.