Grab the best pair of jeans for your festival closet: Featuring True Religion & Versace Jeans Couture

Grab the best pair of jeans for your festival closet: Featuring True Religion & Versace Jeans Couture

Jeans are exclusively coined as unmissable fashion advice on how to experiment with outfits. Jeans go well ranging from blazers to loafers. Jeans are the best pair of bottoms to make your style statement stronger!

Jeans have become a clothing staple that men just cannot do without. From being the ultimate symbol of youth rebellion to becoming a necessary fashion statement, indeed the jeans have come a long way! Jeans have become more mainstream in the current past with the latest sensations always showcasing the item in a new light. Additionally, its universal appeal has made styling jeans a fail-safe option for last-minute outfit decisions. Started as casual apparel known for its durability and comfortable wear and soon became a fashionable item of clothing that has gone through many alterations along the way. Be it the different styles, cuts, fit, and accessories that adorn this piece of garment it has undoubtedly emerged as a timeless piece of garment. Wearing jeans can unleash its versatility and can make your ensemble shine every time.

Jeans are adaptable, to say the least. It can be teamed with most items of clothing and footwear creating better combinations than other bottoms wear ones. Many people get mystified about how to wear different kinds of jeans in the right way. Below are some of the ways that wearing jeans is a redefined experience.

classic items that can make wearing men’s casual wear with jeans a redefined experience.

Let’s learn how to wear jeans with trendy separates from your closet-

Regular fit jeans

As in all areas, trends come and go with alarming frequency in the jeans department. However, one style that has remained steady since the very beginning of denim is the tried-and-tested regular fit.

Regular fit jeans are simple, universal and never out of style. The regular cut's straight-up-and-down design and that means there’s no body shape it can’t accommodate. It looks perfect on all kinds of body shapes. This Blue Solid Regular Fit Jeans from True Religion is an essential pick for your closet. It is made up of cotton fabric and includes back pockets too.

True Religion Super T Ricky Straight Blue Lightly Washed Mid Rise Jeans

Try going for this Green Solid Polo T-shirt from Lindbergh or you can also go for an oversized sweatshirt. And finish off your look with some heavy-solid boots. This whole look is classic and iconic.

Lindbergh Men Green Solid Polo TShirt

Skinny fit jeans

Once considered a trend, skinny jeans have now transitioned into a definitive style and clothing staple. A quick, go-to item for off-duty days, they can handily be thrown on without a second thought. Although that simplicity makes them a crucial item for every closet. You can wear skinny jeans in chic ways that you will be amazed by the results.

With the increasing fashion, forget that basic t-shirt and flip-flop combination and try something new instead. From pops of colour and blazers to booties and heels try them out this time. 

These Blue Solid Skinny Fit Jeans from True Religion can make your outfit look daring. Add a pop of colour to it to look dazzling. Pairing skinny jeans with a shirt is indeed the rapid and easy way to take your jeans from casual to chic. This can add a sophisticated look to your jeans. Needless to say, this hodgepodge pairs best with heels.

True Religion Men Blue Solid Skinny Fit Jeans

Straight fit jeans

Gone are the days when we used to feel uncomfortable in jeans all day long. Everyday fashion changes and replacing sigh much more comfortable options such as mom jeans, bootcut jeans and more. One of the universal items from the lot is straight-fit jeans.

This Black Solid Straight Fit Jeans from True Religion is a remarkable pick for yours. It is finished with back flap pockets and it can be an apt inclusion in your wardrobe. The simplest way 

True Religion Men Black Solid Straight Fit Jeans

in which you can style straight-fit jeans is by teaming them up with a basic black or white t-shirt. You can also go for other colours as well. This Off White Solid Round Neck Tshirt from Lindbergh or Black Solid Polo Tshirt from Gant can go well with it.

Lindbergh Men Off White Solid Round Neck TShirt

To take the simple look a notch higher, you can add ideal footwear to complete your look. You can easily pair your straight-fit jeans with chunky sneakers to accomplish the perfect sporty look while staying comfortable.

Slim fit jeans

There are only a handful of fits that seem to remain trendy after season, year after year, and slim-fit jeans are one of them.

Slim-fit jeans have the advantage of completing a wide range of body types and outfit choices. They work on lazy T-shirt days and also level up on more complicated looks that involve layering or tailored pieces.

To repeat, one of the slim-fit jeans' important draws is their versatility. This is clothing you can easily incorporate into anything from a smart-casual get-up for a job interview to something more laid-back for blowing a party on Saturday night.

Look at these Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans from True Religion which are made up of cotton fabric and let you wash them in the washing machine. You can handily pair it with a shirt like a checked one which is much in trend nowadays. Try going with this Cream Checked Collar Shirt from Gant which is a versatile piece to go for.

Gant Men Cream Checked Collar Shirt

For completing the look, footwear is the best option to move for. Maybe lace-ups or loafers are a good option but going for bulky boys can make you look out of place.


Here we have included the best pairs of jeans which you can move for any kind of occurrence. Class up your jeans look with good footwear, a nice watch and with some cool shades.