Future of Online Clothes Shopping in India

Future of Online Clothes Shopping in India

For centuries now India has been influenced by western culture and customs. Even after gaining independence from the colonizers who used to rule us as basic slaves, we still are slaves to following some things they left behind.  That does not necessarily mean that it's a bad thing. There are good things they left behind and good things that we later adapted from them later on.

One such thing is the way they dress and their clothing itself. It might not have helped us in terms of aesthetics and silhouettes because traditional Indian clothing is the most beautiful when it comes to craft, but they have helped us in terms of practicality and function. Admittedly, a pair of pants is more functional and easy to move in than a saree or a dhoti.

Throughout our 70 year independence period, we have learned how to accept the best and reject the worst of the western clothing culture. One of these aspects that we have accepted is the way to shop for clothes. No longer do we hire a tailor or wait for a certain boutique to release something new. Although in an idealistic world this might have been a great thing, in the world we live in, fast fashion has established its importance by being readily available whenever we need and exactly what we need.

Furthermore, the fast fashion industry has shown the level of adaptability it can go to by evolving at high rates through the last two years of pandemic-induced isolation.  The need to stay inside has made us shift to the online mode of well, everything. Payments, education, shopping - was so quickly and efficiently made available online that we were all cozy in our homes not having to worry about anything. Online clothes shopping became the only mode of clothes shopping, and quite frankly, no one was complaining.

The benefits of online clothes shopping have served us well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

At your fingertips

The usage of computers, tablets, and smartphones has been popularized and integrated into our daily lives so seamlessly and essentially that we cannot go about our daily lives without the usage of these devices. They are definitely easy to use and make our lives easier. When the world shifted to the online method, with sites for everything, including online clothes shopping, it became much easier. Online clothes shopping sites in India became the prime location for shoppers since shopping outside is 10 levels down than ideal in a country like India with a hefty population and an unhealthy disregard of authority at times. 


Sites like Iconic, that house multiple brands dedicated to bringing you the best of luxury and fashion, have certainly played a huge part in accustoming people to online clothes shopping. The promise of quality, the choices we are given, the unlimited liberty of browsing, and the fact that it will all come to you - are all small but impactful contributions.


Distance is of no consequence

The fact that we can do online clothes shopping and other kinds of shopping makes the distance between the buyer and seller of no real importance. No matter if whatever you want is made in Venezuela or sold exclusively in a Parisian boutique, you can have it delivered to your doorstep. The delivery charges depend on the distance, sure, but they are usually exponentially lesser than the cost you would pay if you were to go out on your own. It also saves you a lot of hassle.

The success rate

When you go shopping physically, out in the market, you may not know what are the best places for any kind of clothes. You may not know where you will get the best prices. You definitely will not be able to compare the items to the best of your ability and for more than a few instances because you are in a public setting and thus prone to judgment. Also, the employees that assist you while shopping have limited time to offer to each customer, and holding them up for more than a necessary amount of time is exploitation.


While online clothes shopping, you can compare two or more items in the same category tirelessly. If you go to a website like Iconic India, you will not require assistance because they have pre-curated collections that eliminate the element of surprise, and what you see is what you will get. Sometimes when we go shopping in person, the shops do not have what we might want or need. On occasions, they might have what we want but not exactly the same thing we had in our heads.

When you shop from luxury brands, this is never the case. They bring you fashion from the runways of top designers straight to your own closet. There is no need to fret about how it will look or whether it will flatter you or not.

The Future and Online Clothes Shopping in India

The present is not something any of us saw coming. The future is not promised either. But what we have understood in these past years is that we are highly adaptable creatures. More so, our technology and methods are just as flexible as us. If there is one thing that will carry us effortlessly into the future, it's the ever-evolving technology and the internet.

India has been one of the hot spots for the biggest brands to sell their products because we are a huge population, and by default, a huge number of youngsters. The susceptibility of the youth towards being attracted to and taking to trends a d fads is admittedly more than any other age group. History can be taken as a testimonial to this fact. Therefore, luxury brands and luxury fashion took flight in India rather easily.


There are multiple fashion sites that can be accredited to this development but one of the major ones is Iconic India. Their interface makes it easy to browse through a myriad of categories and styles, including the categories for kids. They house so many luxury brands in one place with an interactive rate that surpasses that of the top-notch website interfaces.

The brands that they house have the best of the best designs, the latest in fashion, and accommodation for all shapes and sizes. The future of online clothes shopping lies in the fact that a site like this can be basically your clothing mall on a screen.

Mall On A Screen

What classifies as a mall? A place with multiple shops of different brands and styles? Check. One-stop hub for everything you need, apparel, footwear, and accessories? Check. A place you know has the best of the brands only? Check. All of these criteria further the point that an online clothing store like Iconic is no short of a mall online.

Their offered services and products make sure that you have only the top-of-the-line pieces. These brands do not take a single step in the designing, manufacturing, and retailing process lightly at all. The quality this results in is akin to the royal tailors hired back in the day to make sure those of noble ranks had only the best garments.

Why do we need a mall online? Well, why do we need a mall offline? Because it offers you the ease of browsing through all of the same high-quality products in one single place and not having to doubt the authenticity of any of them. With Iconic and its featured brands, it is the same experience with a few added bonuses.

If you don't think that being able to browse through a store's entire inventory in a matter of minutes is absolutely amazing, then you must be from the future itself. It's not just a gimmick but a step forward in making our lives easier and more efficient. That is what we expect from technology, after all, to deliver us right into the next era.

The Takeaway

There must be a hundred different amusing things you must witness thanks to the marvels of technology, but when it comes to online clothes shopping, the point is not amusement. It is function. We want to have the best that can be possibly achieved and thus we are brought to look for solutions that will take us on a journey of things we did not even think we would need or have but we do.

Iconic India is a site that brings you luxury fashion brands at your doorstep, much like any citizen of a "developed" country. There is no better feeling than being able to access the highest quality and design. The whole point of luxury fashion brands in India is that we can too access what we see our favorite celebrities wearing. Iconic had made it possible effortlessly.