From Boardroom to Party: Discover the Best men's Formal shirts available

From Boardroom to Party: Discover the Best men's Formal shirts available

The perfect formal shirt not only makes you stand out but also seamlessly transitions from boardroom meetings to the liveliest parties. By using the right styling techniques, a simple plain shirt for men can transform your personality instantly. However, Iconic has some of the best collections that feature pieces for every occasion.

Mens shirts online are available in multiple colors and fittings. Online shopping for men from premium brands has the best options for casual wear as well as regular office wear. Whether you wish to wear these shirts as they are or whether you wish to pair them with coats, jackets and blazers, Iconic has the best collection.

The following types of shirts for men are a must-have as they are staple designs suitable for all body types. Read on to learn more about the best options for every occasion.

  • Plain Shirts: A plain full-sleeve shirt of any color is best for multiple occasions. You can wear this button-down garment with slim-fit Gant jeans to attend a formal function or with trousers for men and a blazer for a business meeting. For a formal date, a red tie with a coat or a blazer on a white shirt is ideal. However, pair it with a neutral-colored one on regular office days.

  • Check Shirts: A full-sleeve check shirt is peppy yet formal. Wear these shirts under a coat and you are ready for a business meeting. You can pair it with any tie to match the sentiment of the occasion and tone it down accordingly. These can be worn casually with chinos for men to look relaxed.

  • Striped Shirts: Stripes on shirts are an evergreen element that adds a unique visual interest to the look. Striped Gant shirts can transform your appearance according to the direction of the stripes, therefore, allowing you to style yourself in multiple ways. You can match the color of the tie or your pocket square with the stripes on the Gant shirt for a cohesive look.

  • Slim-Fit Shirts: Fitting makes a lot of difference when deciding on an ensemble for an occasion. Slim-fit shirt premium shirts for men will give you a more structured look that is vital for formal as well as casual occasions. Antony Morato, True Religion, Lindbergh and Gant shirts have a good fitting and are made with premium fabrics which gives them a unique look

  • Styling Tips for Men's Formal Shirts

    An ensemble only comes together when each element is appropriate and suits the person wearing it. Therefore, here are seven styling tips for all the men to look dapper:

    • Select the right fabric for an occasion. For party wear, make sure there is some sheen in the fabric to look good. Also, certain fabrics are resistant to wrinkles which works better.
    • Make sure your shirts are ironed and starched if needed. To wear a white shirt with a pair of jeans, make sure your shirt is spotless, starched and ironed for a proper look.
    • Bottoms make all the difference. Therefore, if you are wearing jeans for a semi-formal occasion, slim-fit or straight ones are ideal. You can even go for beige jeans or cotton trousers as they go equally well with formal shirts.
    • When shopping for yourself, make sure you have at least five neutral-colored full-sleeve shirts like white, grey, beige and navy blue. These colors go well with all kinds of trousers, so styling will be easy.
    • When going out for a formal dinner date, make sure you have one vibrant colored element or accessory on yourself to break the monotony. Also, such elements add some pop, so you will look attractive and interesting.

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