Fitness in Style: Athleisure Trends for the Modern Jetsetter

Fitness in Style: Athleisure Trends for the Modern Jetsetter

In a day and age when fitness blends with fashion, athleisure wear is ideal for every fashion enthusiast. Making an iconic fashion statement is always a smart idea, however, compromising on comfort is not.

From bustling cityscapes to restful retreats, from workout sessions and social engagements, modern athleisure wear is a must-have wardrobe choice. The fabric used to make these garments is stretchable and breathable, which allows easy movement. Certain garments are fitted to complement your curves as they hug your body from the right places.

Here are certain elements that are a must for you to include in your closets to enhance your athleisure range. 

Oversized Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Whether you are a male or a female, an oversized hoodie is the ultimate comfort clothing. Iconic brands like Gant, True Religion, and Matinique have the best collections of hoodies and sweatshirts for men and women. While a sweatpant can be paired with matching sweatshirts and various types of loose jeans for men, women can don these sweatshirts and hoodies with skinny-fit jeans, straight jeans, baggy jeans and even leggings or jeggings.

Cool Convertible Bags

Bags are the ultimate gym accessory. Since carrying a bag is vital while travelling, consider purchasing a convertible bag that can be used during workouts. Iconic brand Gant has some of the best duffle bags up for grabs that go well with casual wear and can also be carried when you have to go to the gym owing to their sporty look and sleek design.

Gant Bags

Sporty Headgear

From baseball caps to the uber chic bucket hat, these accessories are a must especially when you are travelling. A cap serves the purpose of shading your face from the Sun, and even conceals bags under your eyes after long travels. A cap can be easily towed onto backpacks while adding a touch of flair to your ensemble. The best way to carry these caps is to match the brand of the cap with that of the outfit. This will create a completely harmonized look and a well-thought-out ensemble.

Awesome Abstract Designs

Abstract designs on athleisure wear are edgy and trendy. A sweat shirt with abstract design when paired with a sweat pants will give a nice balanced look and some drama to your look. Cool sweatpants paired with a simple sports bra also look smart and very urban. Such options are available at the Iconic online store from where you can curate your favourite look and load your wardrobe with the best pieces.

Bulky and Cushioned Sneakers

Sneakers are the ultimate footwear options for those who want to stay comfortable. While sleek DKNY sneakers for women are ideal for those who want to wear athleisure wear as casual wear, bulky Just Cavalli shoes for women can be worn when wearing athleisure wear for a workout.  This kind of footwear is good for the legs and exemplifies comfort. Sneakers also look good with joggers for women and exude a very sporty vibe.

Sculpting Style: Iconic Jeggings and Leggings

For your legs to look toned, leggings and jeggings are ideal. Leggings for women are those garments that allow easy movement, and are breathable and stretchable. These can be worn in cold as well as hot weather. You can pair your jeggings from the Iconic online store and pair them with women's boots, heels, ballerinas, sandals and of course, sneakers.


Embrace Comfort with Cozy Sweatpants

Made with cosy fabrics, these sweatpants for women feel soft to the skin and offer unparalleled ease during workouts and even when lounging. A sweatpant for women can be paired with these lowers with a fitted tank top to look cute. Boys, on the other hand, can wear their fitted pair of sweatpants with a sweatshirt if they wish to go for a loose look, they can even pair these garments with oversized hoodies and matching oversized sweatshirts.


By wearing the right garments at the right time and by staying true to one’s personality, you can make the most iconic exclusive style statement. From flared pants with tank tops to oversized hoodies with matching sweatpants, everything about the outfit must make you feel comfortable. Athleisure wear is a whole new industry growing within the existing fashion industry. Invest in the right pieces at the right time to create a whole new section because this trend is not going to die any time soon.