Finding Your Personal Style: Featuring Gant

Finding Your Personal Style: Featuring Gant

Your wardrobe is where a gradual fashion journey starts. It all starts with how you view your wardrobe and whether you approach it with an attitude of limitation or one of plenty and limitless creative potential.

Our environment is always attempting to get us to acquire more, more, and more. It can be challenging to distinguish between what you genuinely enjoy and what the fashion industry is pushing you that you should like because of the constant influx of new clothing and a social media environment that only accelerates trend cycles. We must therefore learn to defy fashion and find more lasting forms of joy to replace the short-lived endorphin rush that comes from purchasing something new. Herein lies the significance of individual taste.

Personal Style: What Is It?

Personal style, in its most basic definition, is a person's preferred means of self-expression through clothing and accessories. The words "fashion" and "style" are occasionally used synonymously. However, there is a slight distinction between the two. Fashion is the term used to describe the overall expression of popular trends and aesthetics within a particular culture at a given moment. Style, on the other hand, is about the individual and how they interpret socially accepted fashion ideals in line with their unique expression.

Style relates to a long-term investment in self and the delight from donning something that truly embodies who you are, whereas fashion speaks to the investment in a frequently transient aesthetic. So, emerging a true sense of self and letting it replicate in the attires you choose to wear is a noteworthy element of personal style.

Personal Style: How Important Is It In Your Fashion Journey?

Fashion inspires you to re-establish a connection with your clothing in various ways. Knowing your particular style enables you to stop believing that you are never enough, a myth that the fashion industry feeds off of, and instead learn to be content with what you have.

First and foremost, by establishing what style means to you rather than what the media tells you you should be wearing, having a sense of personal style enables you to escape the hamster wheel of never-ending trend cycles.

As a result, you can make purchases with greater focus and mindfulness now that you know the goods that boost your self-esteem. Learning to express yourself on your own terms may help you feel lighter and more liberated. Additionally, you can save time and money by becoming a more focused shopper! Because you are not impulsively overspending and making unnecessary purchases to keep up with quickly changing trends, you are also producing less waste.

How Can You Discover Your Own Personal Style?

Here are some pointers to get you started on the lifelong process of creating your sense of fashion:

Look For Motivation

Your style aspirations might be revealed extensively by the outfits you see online or in person. So, discovering your style needs doing a lot of inspiration shooting. For fashion thoughts, start an Instagram "saved" file or a Pinterest board and tittle looks you like. After some time, you'll commence to see patterns in the images you're pinning, such as recurring colours, outfit combinations, or silhouettes. These patterns will help you describe your personal style.

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Inspect Your Closet And Think About Your Present Wardrobe.

After conducting a closet audit, you'll better understand what you have and what you might still want to add to your wardrobe. Additionally, by reflecting on your wardrobe, you'll be able to identify trends in the types of garments you wear the most frequently, as well as those that have been stashed away for a very long time. 

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Get Inventive By Downloading A Wardrobe Digitization App.

Some free fashion apps are available to digitize your current wardrobe and make new outfit combinations using what you currently own, including Wearing and Save Your Wardrobe. This will allow you to avoid tendencies and make the most of your existing wardrobe's creative possibilities.

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Develop Your Wardrobe's Foundational Pieces.

Although staples differ from person to person (maximalists can have mainstays, too! ), they establish the foundation of any clothing. A wardrobe fundamental is a piece of clothing that fits into your wardrobe, you'd wear frequently, and would enable you to wear your other clothes items more frequently from Gant. It can be a more complex version of the article.

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Make A Wish List.

A wishlist of objects you want is another choice. Wishlists inspire you to put more discerning and deliberation into your financial choices instead of making snap choices. This lets you know why each article is on your want list. You think about it, put money aside, and keep an eye out for it. You've been anticipating it and will have lots of styling ideas when you buy it! Wishlists are helpful for both investing in new items and thrifting.

Buy Used Goods

By thrifting, you can learn what fashion trends and attire categories you naturally favour. Thrift shops don't have dummies, giant posters, and catalogues staring at you as you shop and demonstrating how to style the clothing. Your style is, therefore, more likely to be reflected in the items you are drawn to. Additionally, because you are recycling used clothing, thrifting is a much less wasteful method of shopping.


It's great to borrow clothing from friends and family to try out some new trends. Then, if you fall in love with the item and eventually purchase something similar, you can be sure you will wear it frequently.

Take Away

How would you characterize your style? Ask yourself? How do you like people to represent your fashion sense? What feelings do you want your aspect to evoke in you? Create a three-word swift of these investigations that you can always mention back to. Having these keywords makes it conceivable for you to make more thoughtful purchases since you can scrutinize a new item and determine whether it adheres to the personal style guidelines you have established for yourself. Gant online India will help you with this part.


1.     What If I Need To Feel Like I Have A Clear Personal Style?

The quick response is yes; everything is OK. Personal style is less about slavishly adhering to a single, distinct aesthetic. While this may be the case for some, developing your unique style is more about discovering the types of clothing that make you feel the most like yourself.


A trip is required to develop your unique style. You can only fully understand something in a single day. Our preferences, tastes, and lifestyles change as we transition through various life phases. Additionally, your style will also develop as you grow to know yourself better.