Fashionable Workspaces: Stylish Office Attire for the Modern Professionals

Fashionable Workspaces: Stylish Office Attire for the Modern Professionals

Blending functionality with design has become the latest trend in the iconic fashion industry. The era of office wear dominated by blacks, greys, and blues is officially over. Tight-fitted suits, trousers, and jackets; which could be uncomfortable at times, are now a thing of the past as people have embraced a new approach.

Making an iconic fashion statement now involves incorporating stretchable trousers for a smart fit, shirts that facilitate easy movements and have  lightweight coats and jackets. Formal office wear has undergone extreme transformations. With a slight adjustment to your outfit, you can completely revamp your appearance, achieving a dinner-ready look.

Here are some of the ways to transform your formal office looks into an iconic chic look.

Must-have Comfy Trousers

Women who enjoy experimenting with their appearance can achieve a formal look by pairing a simple coat with a pair of check trousers. These trousers for women available at Iconic India Online can be paired with your favourite top or sweater and give you the ideal dinner date ensemble. Flared trousers are considered formal wear, so ladies, please go ahead and have fun. Men can opt for a vast range of trousers as they can be worn conveniently at work or parties. Trousers have always been a safe & most versatile option for both men and women.

Patterned and Plain Dresses

Iconic dresses that are of a certain length and are made of a fabric that allows you to sit easily are one of the most comfortable garments. Dresses with full sleeves and stripes are usually a cakewalk to style as you just have to throw on a formal coat and a scarf, and you’re good to go!

Another example is wearing Lapel full-sleeve dresses are ideal for such situations as they are formal yet edgy enough to transition seamlessly from office wear to party wear.

Daring Denim Jeans

Not everyone can pull off a formal look with their favourite pair of loosely fitted jeans or ripped  jeans. However, on a light day with no meetings, a pair of toned blue or black fitted straight jeans from Gant or Lindbergh can pass off as formal wear. One can wear denims with a chic full-sleeved top or a crisp solid-colored shirt and voila, you are ready for a dinner date!


Bold Blazers, Jackets and Coats

Blazers, premium jackets for men and coats when styled smartly can be worn to the office, be it a men or women.

Let’s not forget that Overcoats also qualify as office wear, so do not shy away from wearing this garment with skirts, dresses, jeans and trousers.

Choose the Right Accessories 

Accessories can transform a dull outfit into something dramatic in no time. A neatly knotted scarf around a woman’s neck or a pocket square worn by a man uplifts the ensemble in a second. Belts make all the difference because it gives a visual break. True Religion has the best collection of belts to make you appear classy.

Selecting the Right Hues 

While bright colours are not preferred in an official setting, let black and blue be the background. Pair your favorite bright-coloured scarf or muffler and match it with your crossbody sling or DKNY shoulder bag. For men, the good old pocket square from any iconic brand must be put on before your date starts. Remember, staying simple is best. Pair your favorite Gant sweater with a pair of Antony Morato jeans and you will stay classy through the day.

Long Coat

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right colour, wearing appropriate styles and carrying the right accessories are a must when it comes to looking formal. By wearing the right combinations, it is very easy to transform your look from office wear to dinner-ready in a couple of minutes. Just be confident with yourself and have a good time because you have a reason to dress up. Make sure you spray yourself with a nice fragrance to freshen up.