Fashion Haul from the Luxury Fashion Brands in India

Fashion Haul from the Luxury Fashion Brands in India

The fashion industry subscribes to the philosophy that is basically about releasing all of their best work throughout the spring-summer season under the same moniker. Floral accents, lighter hues, colorful concepts, leaves, animals in motion, birds in flight, and the likes are common features of what you will see as seasonal clothing in spring.

The oncoming season is one that has a symbolic meaning which represents new beginnings and fresh starts. All living organisms are either coming to life or starting a new phase in their lives. It is also when most festivals, mostly bounty related, happen. The atmosphere has general pleasantness to it that everyone wants to be a part of bringing into their lives.


These are also some of the factors that affect our clothing choices and the wishlists for the desired clothing items. The shopping you do during this time should also be useful and fit your personal style. Clothing should not run in the opposite direction of the temperature gradient and should enable you to be your most productive self, while still being inclusive of the fashion trends at the moment. It can be difficult to find clothing that is unique to a season and still trendy, but not if you buy items online.

Fashion and seasons have a significant impact on our daily lives, from employment to food to health. It has an impact on your wardrobe as well. The shifting of the seasons forces us to adapt and change in order to get the most out of each season while avoiding any unproductive regressions. Fashion and trying to maintain homeostasis at the same time.


One of the trends that have taken over the internet is doing fashion hauls.  A fashion haul is when you buy a lot of items from the same retailer and try them on. It is a phenomenon that has taken the internet by storm and many famous people have been seen doing this. It is normalized and everyone's doing it. How exactly to do it though? And what items shall you pick?

Here's a guide on the items you can buy from Iconic as your fashion haul for this season.


Cropped tops are a trend that came into our lives and never left. They are a great choice for the season given the rising temperatures. We have a variety of crop tops to pick from if your goal is a haul.  One of the best ones is high-low crop tops, sleeveless button-down crop tops, etc. They are a smart fashion statement that transcends ages and gender biases to make you look both in tune with the current times and still classy in the best manner imaginable.

They've been around since 2014  and have changed according to the changing fads but have remained relevant. Crop-Tops are ideal for the weather and to make them even more desirable, they can be incorporated into a number of outfits.

You can a crop-top to add an element of youthfulness, and you've got yourself the way to both look and feel good. A cropped t-shirt is something you can either make yourself or purchase from one of the luxury brands available in India. It's a must-have because no matter what you wear it with, you can't go wrong. These are flawless strategies in the form of a top. A cropped tee is a top tier example of this 

Jump into a Jumpsuit

In the early 1900s, a dungaree was born out of the necessity to give usefulness to working-class men and women. It's something that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so since the one reason it was designed to fulfil - function - is still unmatched, plus it's also fashionable and fancy.

Dungarees have evolved to become the present-day versions of themselves and in addition, to that, we have a mutation called jumpsuits. Jumpsuits and dungarees come in a variety of prints and patterns, but the original denim dungaree remains the most nuanced of them all. Denim is stylish because of its simplicity and durability, and the dungaree is practical because of its design. Combine the two and you will not regret buying this.

A full-body jumpsuit with a  good design spells out both high fashion and power. Prints will take your look to the bubbly yet fashion-forward territory, making you feel like you just stepped off the catwalk. A full-body jumpsuit like striped blue one is a perfect blend of design and print.

Short dungarees and jumpsuits, often known as playsuits in the fashion business, have been made popular by the TV shows of the past few years.  They make you appear younger and more cheerful. They're ideal for the season because they're light and airy.

They're ideal for the season since they give your limbs plenty of room to wander around and soak up the sun. A denim playsuit is perfect for the season and can be worn without anything underneath to make it ultra-fashionable.


A dress exudes the lightness and whimsical beauty that we associate with fashion and art itself, everything that they're known for. Putting one on instantly improves your mood and the surrounding environment too. Dresses are akin to that one cousin of yours that you love, the one who gives fantastic advice despite their aloof demeanour, the one that makes everything bearable. Dresses are the main character without the main character syndrome,  in every way on every day, and it's easy to see why they are so popular.

Wearing a dress is not something that you should deprive yourself of. The fact that they were designed as an item that is a single piece of garment. You can wear them all year round. They can be in simple prints, complicated colours, with vivid structures, and anything else you could think of. A black dress is the best example of all these things. There's always a risk when buying clothes online because you don't know if they'll look nice on you, but you can't go wrong with the luxury brands in India.

Culottes as your go-to

We cannot avoid wearing pants, no matter what our personal preferences may be. They are a must-have item irrespective of the season and circumstance for all adults. It's something you can't avoid wearing as a functional part of society. They must be a part of our wardrobe if we have too much mobility in our schedules.  They allow your legs to move in the widest sphere possible, which is why you should incorporate them in two-thirds of your outfits. The best thing with pants has to be the ease that comes with putting them on. They are ideal for those who work from 9 to 5.

This is a dilemma because the spring weather prevents full-length pants from being worn, yet wearing shorts to work is also not considered professional. The solution is to wear loose-fitting pants that allow for circulation and movement while still providing comfort You should acquire a pair in a bright and unique hue for spring, such as a peach colored relaxed pants, or if you prefer flared trousers, coral flared trousers will bring the perfect vibrance to your spring wardrobe. 

In terms of quality assurance and delivery, you may relax. All of the minor details have been taken care of, allowing you to focus just on the procedure. There are a variety of pants available to pick from but for the purpose of this haul, you should pick the one that is the most fashionable along with being functional. The one category that fits the bill is - culottes.

They are extremely fashionable while excluding any of the unnecessary aspects that come with personal luxury shopping. Culottes are the favourite of the runway-fashion industry. They are what you see on the typical fashion magazine covers. Investing in a pair like a pair of blue culottes is a good start.


A fashion haul is not something you should just jump into without any forethought or planning. This guide will become the bone structure for you to navigate just how to go about your fashion haul this season. The best part is that it includes the luxury brands in India so the quality is top-tier no matter which item you pick up. These are all easily available on the website of the fashion hub that is Iconic India.


It might be the same procedure as when you buy things online and buy a few shirts and a few pairs of pants and call it a day. With this list of must-haves in hand, you'll be able to shop for items online with purpose and a clear vision of what you want, breaking up the monotony. Buying these things (all of which are from top luxury brands) from a site like Iconic gives you a lot of bang for your buck.