Fashion essentials for your little ones for the Indian rainy days

Fashion essentials for your little ones for the Indian rainy days

 Hearing your tiny tots quacking around you along the day might seem frustrating sometimes but their absence might hurt your heart the most. Without any doubt, you should celebrate your parenthood as it is considered the best feeling in the world to see your own product come to life. Or more probably your own part comes to life. Kids are definitely the epicentre of our lives and we always consider the best for them.

Kids are so innocent and we avoid literally anything and everything that could possibly harm them. Be it basic life necessities or anything luxurious we as a parent, always crave to provide the best for our kids. Creating a fashion closet for our kids literally leads to a sudden rush of all the emotions up and down and churning our tummy. Ah! It hurts. Isn't it? Still, we love them because what love without any pain.

With the seasonal changes, it is essential to reconstruct your kids' wardrobes and pack them with fashion essentials that would be required for a particular season. Although the rainy season is lively and playful for kids, we cannot just forget the chances of infectious disease that comes with it.

Choosing the right cloth is not the only key to ensuring good care for them. Diggin into the manufacturing process and levelling up your research game is what will create effective clothing for your kids. While adding any piece of clothing to your kid's closet, it is required to closely monitor whether or not the clothes are skin-friendly or poorly manufactured. As poorly manufactured clothes when worn for a longer period of time can result in several skin infections and can prove harmful for your kids over the long run.

Here, we have listed some of the premium brands like Blue Giraffe, Gant Kids, and Elle Kids to choose the best for your loved ones. You can trust them with their quality and style. They have a wide range of T-shirts, shirts, jumpsuits, shoes, trousers, etc.


Apart from the liveliness that an Indian rainy season brings, it comes with a cost of infectious diseases that can possibly harm your little ones. Mosquito bites are one of them. In order to ensure a playful rainy season for your kids, as parents, it is our responsibility to prevent the chances of certain infections and the major step to prevent these can be an effective clothing method.

Trousers can be an option to fix the situation. It not only covers your child’s bare skin but also acts as a covering against mosquito bites and prevents them from infections and cool winds. There are various options when we talk about trousers. In order to simplify it for you, here we have listed some of the premium picks of the season.

The navy striped trousers are extremely chic and protective. If you are on the search for an elegant statement piece for your nimble hearts then you have landed at the right place. This statement piece by Elle kids could be the best option to rule your kid's wardrobe and their nimble hearts. You can effortlessly pair these trousers with any piece of bottom that lies in your closet. The best could be a pair of t-shirt accessorised with a solid slip-on.

Gant Kids also offers elegant cotton knit blue trousers that are also worth a mention!


T-shirts are by far the best choice to cater for any occasion. With a variety of styles, colours, textures and patterns they offer, they have become a handpicked option when it comes to pairing bottoms. They are perfect examples of minimal and effortless fashion.

The glazing yellow elegant T-shirt is the most minimal piece of T-shirt you will ever find. The bright yellow colour radiates positive energy and makes your kids feel active throughout the day. These t-shirts can be rocked with skinny fit jeans to have a protective barrier against sudden downpours.

The striped red T-shirt by Gant Kids is the most exclusive pair of t-shirts to play around with this rainy season. The striped pattern works like a charm for your little ones and can be easily paired with a pair of chinos and accessories with your favourite crocs.


Shirts not only deliver a comfy fashion for your kids but also protect them from the sudden breeze of cold winds that oozes throughout the rainy season. Premium brands like Elle Kids, Gant Kids, and Blue Giraffe offer effortless and chic options in the range of shirts that you can choose from.

The lapel collar button-down shirt by Elle Kids could be a statement piece to choose for your tiny tots. The shirt comes with a knitted pocket on the sides and is crafted with 100% cotton material. You can pair the shirt with a pair of solid jeans and a pair of a slip-on.

You can also scroll through a range of button-down solid shirts. They offer a wide variety of options to choose from for your sweethearts.


Jumpsuits can be termed as last-minute clothing options. Whenever in doubt, wearing a jumpsuit holds true in all those rush situations where you are unable to figure out what to make them wear and dressing up kids can surely become a task.

You can choose a wide range of jumpsuits this rainy season offered by premium brands like Elle Kids. The premium red square neck jumpsuit is a premium option to hover your kids this rainy season.


Make this rainy season lively and playful for your kids with some of the premium collections that we have listed.  Dive in a range of premium clothing experiences on Iconic India’s website and pull on playful fashion.