Fashion essentials for men: How to look stylish

Fashion essentials for men: How to look stylish

When it comes to fashion, we believe basics are the elementary steps that just cannot be neglected. The basics are considered the building blocks of any look that can end up in creating statement pieces with a few tips and tricks.

Looking stylish does not necessarily have to add up piles of new clothes with zero fashion sense but get the right outfits that effortlessly elevate your persona and make them go wow!


The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the fashion essentials is definitely a pair of shirts. Either styled for a formal occasion with pant suits or for a casual occasion, they rock every wardrobe.

Whether you are dressing up to rock a social gathering or toil yourself in the office, there can be no perfect match than a pair of fresh shirts. You can style them depending on the occasion.

A Brown Solid Collar Shirt can be a great choice for an airy and clean look. You can pull this shirt either with a pair of your favourite trousers or can layer it up with a pair of jeans. In order to accessories, you can add moonlight sneakers by Bugatti in addition to the final touches to the entire look.

A button-down green striped shirt
 is a well-groomed piece of fresh shirt that you can add to your fashion closets. The shirt enhances your cheerful nature and comes in a striped pattern that effortlessly matches the casual vibe.


Without a second thought, T-shirts are our forever best friends. T-shirts are the most essential piece of clothing that hovers in every man's wardrobe. They help in presenting ourselves in a young manner and can be styled differently. The playful area of fashion is essential where you can play and pop with colours instead of sticking to classics.

Polo t-shirts are a unique blend of class and style and require a minimum time to style. Crafted with a significant design that delivers an exquisite physique to the body and can work like a charm on any occasion. Not only known for their style but also for the comfort that they provide.

Grab solid brown polo neck t-shirt for any fashionable outing. This t-shirt has the most minimal design yet is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and makes you stand out. The apparel is made up of cotton material and is comfortable on the skin. It can either be paired with chinos or Bermudas to get a cool casual look. In order to accessorise you can add a pair of slip-on and you are good to go.

If bright shade is your go-to choice, then you can choose a blazing green solid neck T-shirt to create your best outfit of the day. The shirt comes in a relaxed fit and has a blended cotton material. The T-shirt perfectly radiates the boho vibes and has a crew neck. The added advantage that comes with solid t-shirts is that they can be either styled individually or can be layered with blazers or jackets to add a cosy feel.

If you like experimenting with bold prints and stripes then this solid red printed round neck T-shirt by Linderbergh could be a staple option for you. The T-shirt comes in a regular fit and is made up of blended cotton material. The statement stripes add up to your personality and elevate your entire look. The most basic piece of clothing that can go with any casual occasion. You can pair this t-shirt with shorts or chinos.


Can we even imagine the fashion essentials without talking about jeans? What a filthy question it would be. The global fashion classic that rules almost every wardrobe. The fits might vary but the sturdy material could be found in every wardrobe.

A solid blue regular fit jeans can be the most elegant piece of bottom that you must add to your fashion essentials. The jeans are aesthetically crafted in a solid blue colour and the patched look becomes the epicentre of all the glitz and glam that the jeans perceive. Nothing can be more exquisite than a classic pair of solid blue jeans. These jeans are your call for the season and can go on for years as it is extremely durable.

If you are a regular fit lover then this indigo regular fit jeans by Antony Morato can be a go-to choice. The jeans effortlessly flaunt your muscular calf and add a touch of manliness. Easy to pair with a solid or printed shirt to give a casual vibe. The jeans come in organic cotton fabric, so you can lie down in peace without stressing about the material.


The tutti-frutti of the essential fashion range is definitely a pair of trousers. The most staple piece of bottom wears that be aced throughout the year, no matter what the occasion is. It represents style with comfort. It covers the entire checklist of bottom wear therefore it rocks every wardrobe.

The navy blue solid skinny fit trouser by Gant is the most stylish piece of bottom that you can add to your fashion essential checklist. The gracefully crafted silhouette is the perfect blend of richness and style. Slip-on this gorgeous pair of trousers with a solid tee and bring out the coolest version of yourself. The trouser comes in blended material that offers comfortable wearing.

The brown solid slim fit trouser is yet another staple option with the perks of a premium brand that slips in every pocket effortlessly without settling on comfort and style.  The trouser is effortlessly chic and can bang on any occasion.


Shoes play an essential part in grooming your personality in spite of just protecting your feet. They complete the entire outfit and therefore should be paid equal attention while choosing one for yourself.

The cognac formal shoes are the most hyped formal shoes that can add a dash of fire to your entire outfit. The cushioned footbed adds a cherry on the cake and brings a comfortable footing experience. Finely crafted with breathable leather insoles bring your feet the rich and classic vibes.

The black solid Derbys by Antony Morato is another staple option that can ignite your formal outfits. The shoes are crafted with pure leather and come in a solid pattern.


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