Euphoria Inspired Outfits ft. Iconic India

Euphoria Inspired Outfits ft. Iconic India

Euphoria, the popular American teen drama in 2019, follows a group of high school students as they navigate their individual selves, trauma, drugs, self-harm, family, friendships, love, and sex. The story is unapologetic, dark, raw, and haunting. The fashion is similarly unapologetic, vintage, and expressive.

Euphoria showcased some daring fashion moments while effortlessly reviving the Y2K style— the year 2000 is a trend that recreates the late-'90s and early-to-mid 2000s fashion styles. It has a distinct style as a result of combining millennium pop culture with the latest advancements in fashion. People young and old are emulating the various looks and finding themselves anew.

We’ve curated a list of Euphoria-inspired outfits from brands like Gant, Elle, Kendall+Kylie, Bugatti, and Only, all of which are available on Iconic India’s website. 

Recreating the Euphoria Wardrobe 

Rue’s skater slouch

Rue's style is best described as a "cool skater tomboy." Her style is very different from the rest of her dysfunctional friend group's bright, Y2K-inspired glittery and risque looks. It includes more vintage, oversized clothes —and is arguably the most wearable and affordable to replicate. Loose hoodies and t-shirts, checkered pants, long shorts paired with crop tops, or funky printed shirts with jeans and Converse are all her staples.

Here are some ways to recreate Rue’s looks:

Rue is famously known to pair striped crop tops with a shirt or sweatshirt. She usually pairs them with trousers and canvas shoes or boots. This striped Elle t-shirt with lavender and yellow stripes can be paired with a shirt, Elle’s black trousers and Bugatti cognac boots.

You can also Kendall + Kylie's oversized sweatshirt with a Kendall + Kylie dye print crop top, Only’s black trousers, and canvas shoes to achieve another Rue-inspired look.

Elle Women Multi Striped Round Neck TShirt

Maddy’s ultimate Y2K wardrobe

Maddy Perez is the ultimate Y2K girl. She is the most fashionable teen character on television and is played by the equally fashionable Alexa Demie. She is as fierce as they come, and her sense of style includes cowl necks, double denim, faux fur, lots of cut outs, co-ord set is spectacular.

Here are some ways to recreate Maddy’s looks:

Kendall+Kylie clothing has a light turquoise cowl neck top with a bare-back design that is ideally Maddy’s kind of style! It is also available in a light pink colour that is both chic and sexy. Maddy is seen to sport cowl neck tops with matching pants to create a co-ord look as well. This can be achieved by pairing Kendall+kylie’s cowl neck tops with jeggings in the matching colour.  The tops can also be perfectly paired with Elle’s black mini skirt!

Kendall+Kylie also have a gorgeous silver-blue shimmery cropped collar shirt that is very Maddy-esque when worn over this Women Off White Solid Dress! She also carries herself beautifully in florals, especially in season one. To achieve a similar look, pair Kendall+Kylie’s floral dress with Bugatti’s white silver sneakers or their T-Strap pumps.

Maddy also dons a fabulous cut-out black figure-hugging dress, paired with gladiator heels. Although not exactly the same, it is possible to achieve a similar look by pairing this Kendall+Kylie black dress with Bugatti heels.

Kendall + Kylie Women Off White Solid Dress

Cassie’s Retrofeminine Looks 

Cassie's style is defined by matching sets, of pastel suits. Even when her life is falling apart around her, her outfits, like Cher Horowitz in Clueless, always match. Her fashion sense has always been very feminine. We rarely see her in anything other than baby pinks and blues, but in the final few episodes, her style begins to resemble Maddie's edgier look. Her wardrobe mostly consists of co-ord sets, bodycon mini dresses, and puffed, flared dresses, transforming her into the vintage retro feminine.

Some pinks and blues that can give you a Cassie vibe are Elle Pink Printed Off Shoulder Top and matching leggings, Elle’s ruffled pink top, and Kendall+Kylie's front tie top, and pink jacket paired with pink denim.

Elle Women Pink Printed Off Shoulder Top

Cassie’s love for co-ord tops and skirts is also infamous. You can create although not exactly, her crochet pink top and skirt look using Elle’s square neck pink top, and Kendall+Kylie’s pink mini skirt. 

Similarly, you can also create her ‘Oklahoma Outfit’, by pairing Elle's blue-striped top with Elle’s fitted blue skirt.

The range of ruffled dresses available on Iconic India’s website including Elle’s Lilac check dress and blue off-shoulder dress, Elle Blue Solid V Neck Dress.

Elle Women Blue Solid V Neck Dress

Jule’s quirky vintage Vibe

Rue's love interest and Euphoria's resident messy e-girl is Jules. Jules' style is experimental and reminiscent of "bubblegum pop princess meets e-girl fantasy"! She wears a lot of neon and hi-vis colours, which are popular in some e-girl looks, and the majority of her wardrobe is defined by bold purples, baby pinks, and plaid check bottoms. Much like the other characters, everything she wears in an outfit is colour coordinated, from her tops to her sneakers.

You can create Jule’s classic by pairing Kendall+Kylie’s pink dress layered over Elle’s black sheath top.

Jules also often wears plaid skirts below solid tops to give more character to her look. In one particular she also donned a pink denim skirt over a white floral printed t-shirt. Some classic skirts that can help recreate her looks include: Elle’s red and black checked skirt or Kendall+Kylie’s striped skirt, and Gant’s rose skirt You can pair these with Bugatti’s Combat boots.


World famous designer, Oscar de la Renta said "Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." And that’s exactly the spirit of the characters in Euphoria. Each character chooses clothing that defines them in a highly customised form of self-expression. Iconic India has branded luxury clothing from brands like Elle, Gant, Kendall+Kylie, Only and Bugatti which can be easily purchased to create the perfect euphoria look.