Early 20s Fashion Trends That Are Still Valid in 2022 - Check It Out

Early 20s Fashion Trends That Are Still Valid in 2022 - Check It Out

The 1920s was an era of major change for the fashion industry. Instead of fitting the stereotypical definition of a well-endowed beauty decked in frills and corsets, women moved towards clothing that made them feel more comfortable in their skin. Despite seeking breathability in fabric and design, there rarely has been a fashion period as flamboyant as the 20s. Long pearls and statement jewellery were an expression of exuberance rather than gaudiness. Hence with their brightly coloured evening gowns, button-down shirts with detachable collars, and collegiate-style shorter skirts, the Roaring Twenties never go out of fashion in haute couture.

The key to imbibing 20s fashion in outfits today is to go for similar cuts and silhouettes while playing around with different patterns and materials. A lot of the fabrics used today are kinder to the environment than they used to be back in the day so curating your pieces with that motive can go a long way. So if you’re ready to shimmy in some flowy and blingy attires, we’ve built a guide for you to incorporate 20s fashion into your style today!

Early 20s Outfits You Need to Try in 2022

If you’re ready to add a touch of fun vintage charm into your closet, here are the top 1920s trends that are coming back strong in 2022!

Tennis Dresses

Tennis was by far the most popular sport in the 1920s, with athletes like Suzanne Lenglen becoming household names. The white sleeveless vests and knee-grazing pleated skirts worn by the players on and off the court inspired the masses to replicate them. Even though modern Tennis uniforms are a lot shorter and airy to maximise performance on the court, the excitement around them persists.

These days, wearing a tennis dress has nothing to do with whether you are an enthusiast of the game or not. They’ve become a summer wardrobe staple owing to how easy to wear and flattering they look. Tommy Hilfiger clothing meshes sportiness and elegance flawlessly, a quality upheld by Solid Round Neck Dresses. They are perfect for a lunch date or just some daytime leisure. Tennis dresses look the best when complemented with sneakers and thick-strapped watches. Depending on the length of the outfit, you could also use them for semi-formal occasions.

Pump Shoes

Mary Jane pumps were hands down the most popular women’s footwear doing the 20s. What made pumps an exemplary choice for the era was their ability to find the sweet spot between femininity and utility. Girls loved wearing heels then just as they do now because of the height advantage and shapely look it’d give them, but post World War 1, female participation in the workforce was on a rise. So how do you not compromise on style while you’re working hard for hours? Thick-heeled sandals that looked breathtaking at all times of the day aka Pumps.

Women spend so much time picking the right dress for special gatherings that shoes completely slip out of their minds. Pumps can be your go-to footwear whenever you want to look fancy since they match almost every get-up. bugatti’s Pink Pumps can help you add a pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit while reflecting an evergreen poise.

If you’ve got the superpower of walking straight in heels for hours, try wearing pumps to the office to feel confident and ready to take on the world!

Culottes / Plus-Four Pants

Baggy and relaxed-fit pants with scrunched-up hems that ended mid-calf were known as Plus-Four Pants back in the day. This 1920s fashion staple was popular amongst golfers and sportsmen because it provided more freedom of movement than traditional knee pants known as knickers. Although a male-dominant fashion trend in the past, these bottoms have had a resurgence in the women’s industry as culottes.

Culotte is a flowy wide-legged bottom wear that can be styled both formally and casually. Wearing them to college or work is a great move since they’re celebrated for the comfort they provide. To top it all off, it's a lifesaver for women who like to dress modestly but want to stay up to date with current trends in fashion. Elle White Solid Regular Fit Trouser ends slightly above your ankles giving you a wider range of movement and an elegant look.

Elle Women White Solid Regular Fit Trouser

If you’re in the mood for a casual outing, wear a crop top or t-shirt with your culotte and finish it off with some chunky jewellery. If you’re gearing up for a professional commitment, walk into the meeting in a solid-coloured culotte with a knee-length blouse to feel your best.

Flapper Dresses 

It is impossible to talk about 20s women’s fashion without bringing up flapper dresses. These A-line tunics are the most notable gearing from that time and are naturally a part of all the “Roaring 20s” themed parties. Sought-after designers like Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret popularised it in order to bring a masculine sensibility to womenswear. The straight-cut silhouette of the dress allowed women to move easily and strut on the dance floor, immediately attracting the era's starlets. Thus in the 20s, flapper dresses were a sign of a fashionable woman.

As times have changed, consumers now prefer clothing that they can wear for practical purposes. The glitz and glam of flapper dresses might stay confined to red carpets, but the loose outline continues to reign. This Printed A-Line Midi Dress by Gant can make you look laid-back and embrace the vibrance of the 20s in an understated manner.

Gant Printed A-Line Midi Dress

Tan Bags

Leather shoulder bags were all the rage in the 20s. They were on magazine covers and flaunted by the masses all the same. The biggest perk of tan bags was that they could suit all clothing - a fact that stays true to this day. It is quite bothersome to empty your bag every day to find a different one that matches your look, so having a staple tan bag can cut the time you take to get ready in the morning by half!

Kendall & Kylie bags look timeless and trendy in all seasons so this brown crossbody bag can be a fantastic addition to your collection.

DKNY Women Brown Tote

Since there are so many shades of tan available on the market, it can be hard to decide which is the correct one for you. An easy way to decide would be to evaluate the outfits you wear regularly. If your wardrobe is more yellow-based, such as autumnal colours, a warmer or more brown-based tan bag is preferable. If you have a lot of bright jewel tones and blue-based colours in your wardrobe, a taupe tan will probably look better.


Fashion trends are always under an endless cycle of reinvention. Instead of finding entirely novel accessories, trusting tried and tested classics ensures that you always look chic and put together. As a result, 20s styles might now be a century old, but they’re just as relevant today. All you need to do is get pieces that fit your current wardrobe and aren’t just an impulse purchase. If you have a hard time pairing colours together, then bring home colours such as black, white, navy, and brown. The sequins and glitters will help you pull through the rest!