Denim Dossier: The Ultimate Guide to Women's Jeans – Finding The Perfect Pair

Denim Dossier: The Ultimate Guide to Women's Jeans – Finding The Perfect Pair

Jeans are one of the most comfortable garments invented. This garment is versatile and even stylish. A smart pair of jeans can be worn with sneakers and boots. Jeans were initially crafted as practical workwear. However, they've since undergone numerous transformations, evolving into a diverse fashion staple that we proudly wear today.

The following types of denims for women have been in fashion for ages. Read on to learn more about the best must-have jeans for women.

  1. Slim-fit and Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans are back in after a long time. Whether they are high-waist or low, skinny jeans can be worn with boots and various other styles of shoes for women. However, make sure that the Denim fabric is stretchable and even breathable for maximum comfort.

  1. Flared Bell Bottoms: Bell bottoms have a unique look and are even iconic. Such flared jeans are available in multiple styles.
  1. Classic Straight Fit: Straight-fitting jeans are easy to style as they can be worn with sweaters, jackets, hoodies and even crop tops. The wider opening at the bottom of the regular fit will look good with bulky sneakers, short boots and even sliders. It is very easy to make an iconic fashion statement with these jeans.

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  1. Torned Denims: Distressed denims are back again. From flared fits to skinny jeans, these garments are super cool and can be styled in multiple ways. The torn effect is liked by youngsters all over the world and the trend is here to stay.

    Men can rock this trend at the same time as well. The distressed jeans give a cool look that is appealing to those who want to exude carefree vibe.

Do’s and Don’ts While Selecting the Any Types of Jeans for Women:

  • Select the right fabric. Denims are available in soft fabrics that are best for summer. However, go for a heavier fabric for winter. 
  • Make sure you have classic fits in your closet at all times. Straight jeans are one of those fits that will never go out of fashion. Colors like dark blue and light blue are also always highly recommended.
  • Fitting and color make all the difference. Therefore, if you wish to wear jeans in semi-formal settings, make sure the color is dark, the denims fit properly and the ankles are covered. Blazers and fitted jackets go well with jeans in such settings and accentuate the formal look.
  • Wear the right shoes with the right style. For instance, wearing bulky shoes with skinny jeans will create a disproportionate look. Therefore, either wear women's boots or a pair of sneakers for a more balanced look.
  • Try monochromatic looks. Denim jackets with jeans are back again. You can pair a light denim jacket with light-coloured jeans or a dark one with dark jeans for a more uniform and unified look. Pair it with a lightweight sweater and you are ready for a chilly winter day.
  • Some items are truly versatile and suitable for both men and women. For instance, denim premium jackets for men can be effortlessly rocked by women too, provided they fit well. Pairing this jacket with a solid-colored True Religion t-shirt creates a sharp and well-put-together look that transcends gender boundaries.

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