Cute Accessories That Won’t Let Your Skin Burn In The Sun

Cute Accessories That Won’t Let Your Skin Burn In The Sun

When it comes to dressing up for any occasion, there is a whole lot that goes into making the outfit a hit. More than the dress itself, how you accessorize matters a lot! Your shoes must be en pointe (no pun intended!) and your jewelry on fleek! Most importantly, the bag or purse you choose to carry along must go well with the whole look.

If you intend to turn heads with your look, the smallest things which you include can make a huge difference! It is also important how tastefully you add these details; they must blend in perfectly, not drawing away too much attention from the outfit.


If you are someone who has just begun to spread their wings in the fashion world, or someone wishing to amp up their wardrobe a notch, we see you! This summer, go for the cutest bags which will not let your skin burn in the heat of the harsh sun.

Whether you are a tote-bag or a sling-bag girl, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list for you to check out! All the feature bags in this list are from the top luxury brand, Kendall & Kylie. The Jenner sisters are the doyennes of the fashion world and the ultimate trendsetters of this generation! Their clothing and fashion products define the essence of today’s young fashion lover: confident, stylish, on-trend, and in charge!

If you are wondering where you can buy these, we are happy to inform you, these are available at your fingertips, quite literally! You can shop for these products on the Iconic India website, and level up your fashion game. Browse, add to cart, and purchase with the click of a button!

So, here is a rundown of all our favs for you. All of them are easily available on the Iconic website. Read on to find out more!


Handbags are the ever-fashionable accessories loved by women of all ages! These are also available in many varied sizes from the small statement clutch-like handbags to larger totes and hobo bags.

The off-white solid handbag is a statement piece that can bring an outfit together. It adds the right amount of style, texture, and color to any look! The chain shoulder straps add an element of bling, elevating your look.

Another little dynamite we recommend for you is the silver solid handbag, which can also double up as a crossbody bag. It is perfect to carry to late-night events and parties! If you want a more understated version of this, you can opt for the black and burgundy alternatives.

If you are someone who likes to carry your whole world with you, you can check out the range of hobo bags and tote bags from K+K. We particularly recommend the pastel blue hobo bag for you. It is made of polished pebble leather, is extremely lightweight, and features a spacious open compartment. It is also available in black and cream.

Among tote bags, you can check out the white tote bag to showcase your unique fashion statement. Features a zip closure to keep all your essentials safe. It is perfect to take along to your office.

Sling Bags

Sling bags and cross-body bags define the casual youthfulness of this generation! You can casually throw one on while hanging out with your pals, or going out for drinks.

Sling bags are available in a multitude of styles, sizes, and shapes, and there are plenty of color and material options available for you to check out


If you wish to go for boat-shaped sling bags, you can check out the solid black slingback for a classy and basic look. You can also check out the burgundy-colored option of the same. They come with an adjustable cross-body strap, magnetic closure, and branded KK hardware!

If you wish to amp it up a notch and want to go for more of a statement piece, you can go for the effortlessly classy black solid sling bag. It offers copious space with a spacious compartment! It is also available in black and brown color options.

If you want to go for a more uniquely shaped bag, you can go for the printed black crossbody bag. The bag features a slim profile and minimal detailing, giving a streamlined look. It has multiple compartments, and when the mood strikes, detach the strap and carry it by the chainmail handle!

If you wish to go for larger sling bags, go for the large white crossbody bags. They also feature a convertible design with detachable straps, and the icing on the cake is that it comes along with a little wallet that you can tack onto the strap! It is also available in black, tan, and olive color options.

Clutches and Wallets

Clutches and Wallets are the ultimate go-to options if you are a fuss-free packer, and like to carry only the bare necessities with you. We recommend the following options for you to check out and add a ton of oomph to your look!

First off, we recommend the solid red clutch. Detailed with an all-over textured finish and branding on the front, it is also visually delightful and sure to catch everyone's eyes!

A black rectangular clutch is a great option, offering maximum functionality multiple card slots, a transparent pocket, and compartments to hold your money in an organized and systematic manner. Also available in a fuchsia red color option.


Whether you are a school or college goer or just generally a big fan of backpacks, Kendall & Kylie offers a wide range of bags you can choose from. Available in multiple sizes and designs, here are our recommendations for you.

Let’s start with the daintier options. We highly recommend the premium single-strap yellow backpack as an ideal companion for you when you go out for casual occasions. Another little backpack we recommend for you is the chic pink solid bag pack. Again, it is a statement piece and features a zip closure and adjustable straps with an amazing solid pattern.

If you wish to go for a slightly bigger option, we recommend the multi-pocket tan backpack. It is made of the highest quality materials. Its design is reminiscent of a smaller version of hiker’s backpacks! It is also available in colors like white and black.

Now, if you wish to carry a larger backpack to accommodate more belongings like books and laptops, you can go for the standard-sized options. We recommend the big tan backpack for you. It features multiple pockets, and apart from the shoulder straps, also has top handles.

We also recommend the green backpack with a pretty tie-dye design, again featuring multiple pockets. It is also available in solid color options like off-white, white and black.

On An Ending Note

When it comes to buying accessories and bags, never settle for less or compromise. Always choose from the cream of the crop, and opting for luxury brands ensures that you buy the most exclusive options available. Kendall & Kylie is amongst the most premium options available today, so don’t miss out on their products!

Shopping online adds to the comfort of shopping. Iconic India features more than 130 brands, most of which are international high-fashion brands. Apart from accessories, you can also check out their range of men’s, women’s, and children's clothes, bags, shoes, and other products. You can choose from a wide range of trendy designer wear and add them to your wardrobe. All of these, and more, are available on Iconic India for you to choose from! Check out Iconic’s website and expand your fashion horizons!


Apart from Kendall & Kylie, Iconic also features brands like Elle, Puma, Gant, Rooted, Only, Zoella, Antony Morato, Lindbergh, True Religion, and Bugatti. They all are extremely reliable and cost-efficient considering how long their clothes, shoes, and bags last. They come out with new and trendy clothes every season for you to choose from!

All these brands are well-established industry pioneers and provide unmatched quality and elegance. You will also feel the difference in quality from your typical brands once you experience the products from such amazing high-fashion brands!

Happy Shopping!