Contemporary Couture: Embracing Modern Elegance this New Year 2024

Contemporary Couture: Embracing Modern Elegance this New Year 2024

Winter is a veritable wonderland when it comes to dressing up and experimenting with style. Bright colours, multiple layers and a myriad of elements play a major role in creating an iconic ensemble. In this seasonal tableau, everyone comes across an opportunity to put together an ensemble that is ideal for lounging in the cold weather and harmonizes with the festive spirit.

Here is a curated list of elements to give you a stylish vibe this winter and to create an iconic fashion statement:

Sporty and Edgy Jackets

From bedazzling puffer jackets from an iconic brand for women to sporty and hooded denim jackets for men, winter is all about playing with textures while staying cozy. True Religion jackets are designed to be lightweight, allowing both genders to comfortably layer multiple pieces underneath.

True Religion Men Printed Spread Collar Full Sleeves Jacket

Boots For Maximum Comfort

From the mighty thigh-high boots to the chic ankle-length women boots, girls can experiment with their looks in whichever way they want. Pair them with stockings, jeggings or leggings with a sweatshirt dress and you are ready for any get-together.

Chic Coats for Adding Extra Layers 

Overcoats and blazers for men and women add formality to your casual outfit while giving you an extra layer of warmth.

Long winter jackets for women, on the other hand, go well with long pleated skirts and iconic dresses. Formal winter outfits can also be paired with boots and bellies for a more chic look.

Centre Stage Women Pink Solid Collar Overcoat

Dynamic shades that can elevate any outfit

Hot pinks, emerald greens, a biting shade of tangerine, and a bright shade of scarlet are some of the best hues to wear in winter. You can pair these with shades of grey or pop colors to shine against the sheer white backdrop of winter.

Retro Knitted Sweaters

Knitwear in winter is essential. For men, a v-neck woollen cardigan or a round neck Gant sweater with a plaid shirt and trousers or jeans is an evergreen outfit. Gant, Antony Morato, Lindbergh and many other premium brands have the most comfortable formal wear. Women can pair their knitted cardigans with skirts and leggings or even jeans and trousers to exude an 80s vibe.

Exploit Warm Fabrics

Corduroy pants, flannel shirts, woollen leggings and socks, velvet long dresses, faux fur hats and scarves, and quilted jackets are some of the best articles that will keep you warm. Ideal for harsh winter conditions, these garments will enhance your appearance.

Centre Stage Women Solid Full Sleeves Round Neck Dress


Looking good in an ensemble is not just about wearing the best brands but about being comfortable, and feeling confident. The Iconic online store has some of the best pieces for men and women who wish to follow all kinds of latest trends. From Antony Morato jeans to the best True Religion hoodies, men can have immense fun with their looks. Women, on the other hand, can pair their sleek DKNY shoulder bag with women boots from iconic brands to get a chic & stylish look!