Comfortable sandals that won’t melt during a scorcher

Comfortable sandals that won’t melt during a scorcher


Summer is the favourite season of the majority of people. The season of new beginnings and the flora and fauna being full of life has a natural charm to it. It is the season loved by all, and quite frankly the true start of every year. Summers bring us immense joy and the freedom to outside and explore. The experience of summertime brings you anything but sadness.

The downside is that summers can be scorching in some places and that is something nobody likes. Naturally, you will have to dress for that scenario. The dressing styles for summer allow good ventilation and light fabrics. The deal does not end when you pick and choose your clothes though. One of the most, if not the most important factors is footwear. The perfect footwear for the landscape and the weather can improve your quality of life for you. If you go with the wrong one, it might harm you in a way that has long-term effects.

Let's take a look at the sandals that will not Annoy you, will be comfortable, and won't melt during a scorcher. 


Slip-on sandals are excellent because of the ease of access they provide you with. They are not just super easy to wear once, you can literally slip them off and put them on anytime throughout the day. You can do it over and over again a thousand times and it will work like a charm every single time.



The appeal of these sandals isn't just how easy to put on and then use throughout the day they are. The real appeal is how easy they make it to walk in almost every scenario. The only exception is that they will not be useful for climbing mountains. Or they can be if you try hard enough.

Slip-ons might seem like an option for either too young or too old people, but they are actually for all age groups and all genders. They can be used as everyday footwear or kept aside for special occasions, depending on the design and need. They are comfortable walking in and just sit around doing nothing. Generally, they are cheaper than any other form of footwear and that's why you can afford to go for more than a single pair of them.

You can browse through and pick your favourite pair of slip-on sandals from the collection of footwear on Iconic.

Strappy Sandals

Straps are something that everyone loves and either owns or wants to own. They represent class and style and at the same time, they are quirky and daring too. Straps in dresses is something that makes us all feel like we are from a different class, that we are celebrities. The same goes for strappy heels. They make us feel bougie, even if it hurts to walk in them. The strappy legacy continues when it comes to sandals too. And it does not end with how good they look. It also pertains to how functional they are. Straps provide for much more friction and a grip that's miles better than the non-strappy ones.


The best part of wearing a strappy sandal is that you're combining the comfort of sandals with the beauty and grip that a strappy variant brings you. This allows you to walk with however much zest you want to walk with. The sandals will always stay in place. They also give you a lot of variety look worse because they come in so many types of straps. You can look for strappy sandals that fit your taste in sandal collection.


Who doesn't want to be taller? With the average height of women in India being somewhere between 5'2"-5'4", it is natural for women to seek out a way of looking and feeling taller than they actually are. This is rooted in the typical beauty standards. Models are generally 5'7"- 5'10" which is what we all are trying to replicate. That is the goal. In pursuit of this goal, we continue to hurt and harm ourselves, in fact not just height. This applies to all beauty standards. Women have gone as far as to mutilate themselves. This is all very toxic and we should all be able to enjoy fashion without going through pain. This is the exact idea behind flatforms or flat platforms.


They have a uniformly elevated platform instead of the streamlined situation going on with platforms. This means all of your foot is elevated at the same time instead of the weight falling onto the part that is lower than the rest of the foot. It is good for your bones, muscles, and blood circulation too. There is no downside to wearing or buying flatforms. They work the best in the summer because you are basically wearing slippers except they have a platform. You can browse through the collection on Iconic easily and take your pick.


If you are unaware of what Crocs are, then you were probably sleeping through 2015-2019. This iconic type of footwear was something that had a cultural impact on society so huge, that it was immortalized through various forms of media. Millions of memes were made on this pair of shoes. They were everywhere, they were inescapable. But now that the hype has died down, we are seeing them for what they are, incredibly functional and comfortable.


Made from rubber, having an open back, and having typical holes, these are the type of sandals you can put on and forget. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in that once you start wearing them, it's nearly impossible to go back. The best part is that during summers, you do need exactly what they are offering - comfort and ventilation. There's literally nothing more annoying than smelly, sweaty feet. You can shop for crocs easily on Iconic India's website.


Reminiscent of the traditional Indian footwear that people used to wear, toe-parter sandals are the kind that has a separating apparatus for separating your big toe from the rest of your toes. This serves as a great way of ensuring that your feet have a grip that is miles better than any other kind of footwear.

The separation ensures that all of your toes can have the maximum grip as compared to when you are just walking with all of your toes clumped together. They are great for summers because the second purpose they serve is that they prevent sweating in the crevice between the first and second toe, where fungal infections like athlete's foot occur.

So it is not just a good way of ensuring that you will walk comfortably and that your feet will stay healthy and fungus-free. Fungal infections like athlete's foot and ringworm infection are the worst kind of experience that you can have in the summer when you should be having fun. You can shop this particular kind of sandals on Iconic India.

Final Thoughts

The mere idea of summers is so exciting. All of that is ruined if you do not dress and gear up appropriately for the weather and the temperature. The need to be out and explore to your heart's content is strong and we should all be following our hearts, but the key is to take your brain with you. You can have the right kind of preparation and then go enjoy yourself as much as you want. This starts with keeping in mind that summers equal heat and sweat and thus the fabrics, colors, designs, and combinations have to be mindful of that.



With the above-listed footwear, you can easily take care of all of these factors while still being able to enjoy your summers to the fullest. They are from the house of Bugatti, experts in making footwear for a long time. Their goal is to make high-quality refined footwear and they deliver every time. When they pick a particular type of footwear, for example, sandals, they ensure that all the elements are the best and that all of the details are refined and perfect. They are an Italian brand that puts immense emphasis on quality and design. They put all of their creative energy into ensuring that their techniques are perfect and so is the outcome. While buying footwear from Bugatti, you can be sure that the whole process - right from selecting the shoes, to ordering, to receiving, and then wearing them finally - will be an experience like no other.

So go ahead and indulge yourself with the best of the best, Bugatti.