Best outfits for hot days and nights: Featuring Top Luxury Brands

Best outfits for hot days and nights: Featuring Top Luxury Brands

 Easy and light outfits never go out of fashion and never need to be revived like passing fads. They are never irrelevant and fit everyone's requirements. They are made for all ages and genders, all occasions and situations, and made from all sorts of fabrics and all sorts of sources. They are popular for the ease of use they provide to consumers. They have so much to offer when it comes to functionality and so much more to offer when we're talking about options.

Let's take a look at all the options you have when it comes to the best outfits for hit days and nights

Striped button-down shirt

Stripes are timeless. A classic pattern that has always looked good, and will always look good. They are one of the simplest designs anyone could think of and yet they have a lot of impacts visually. They look clean and simple. They have a great way of making any sort of clothing look collected and clean. Since stripes are straight lines, they provide structure to the look. They make it pointable without being overwhelming. They are by no means edgy but still provide an edge to the look.

Not to mention, visually stripes can do a lot by creating optical illusions. Vertical stripes are great for when you want to appear taller and more slender. They make you look streamlined and thin. Horizontal stripes are great for creating a wider silhouette and work great when they are in bright colors. striped shirt is a clear example of the power of stripes.

Color Blocks

Usually, a concept taken out of abstract art and expressionism, this is a technique that is based on blocks of color, hence the name. The blocks of color used in color blocking could be of a single color in multiple shades but mostly the purpose of the technique is to create contrast by the means of using colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

This technique is bold and seems risky, but just as the risk and reward theory suggests, it pays off immensely too. Color blocking can spice up any boring outfit in a matter of two primary colors. Usually, the idea of wearing primary colors fitted in simple shapes like a square would seem like the idea for a toddler clothing line, but when you see this technique actually executed in the form of a dress or a t-shirt, it makes perfect sense. It works so great in terms of creating visuals that it looks like designer clothing off the runway. Color blocks are also great for dividing the silhouette in two giant blocks, which can be great in certain situations.

A color blocked pair of sweatpants is a great choice if you want a color blocked item in your wardrobe.


The flower-power agenda always wins and this case is no different. Flowers and leaves are always pleasant to look at no matter what. They make us feel happy and safe because of the connotations they hold. Nature is what created us and nature is what keeps us alive. Humans are not capable of making their own food like plants are so we rely on them for food which is why we feel happy when we see them.

Aside from this, flora has vibrant colors that are simply pleasing to the eye and the symbolisms of flowers and leaves have ideas of vitality and life adhered to them. The prints that have flowers and leaves make us feel light and thus we like putting them on. A t-shirt like palm leaf print tee is great if you want to purchase a light yet impactful tee.

Brand Logo

The overuse of brand logos has led the newer generations to think that brand logos are something that makes you look like a cheap, try-hard, attention seeker. However, it is quite the opposite. Brand logos are the part of the idea known as branding, something essential for the marketing and image building of a brand.

The brand's name and logo printed on a product makes it known that this product and it's quality corresponds to a certain brand. It's as if an artist is taking responsibility for the art they created. Brand logos that are subtle and not loud, in your face are essential for the purpose of showing the consumer that yes, we are here, but we do not need to announce our presence through a loud and flashy logo or name. 

They are also the sign of a high-profile brand. No brand worth its weight will want to appear tacky and loud. The most expensive brands have the most subtle of logos, so subtle in fact, that they are barely even there. A brand logo t-shirt is the epitome of this phenomenon.


The trend that saw a high rise in 2020-2021 was the trend of wearing tees that have tiny motifs on them. Aside from being subtle yet strong, they are also what the kids call cute. They look incredibly adorable given that they are so tiny, and they serve the purpose of being something above just a plain tee.

The kind of look that you often see on TikTok, fresh but laid back, that's exactly what these kinds of t-shirts are selling. Like, take tiny boat motif tee as an example. Isn't it cute and chic at the same time? That is the point of motifs. They are there to alleviate the look by doing nothing and giving us everything.

Solid Colors

This is a trend that will never go out of fashion. Solid colored clothing items are great by themselves, but even better when added as an element to an outfit. They are incredibly easy to style as well. They look classy no matter what and are never out of fashion.

Solid colored clothes are also great for wearing colors and mixing them up as you see fit. They will never disappoint you in terms of giving you the look you desire. The power that solid brown trousers hold, is unmatched. No matter what kind of trends appear over the years, these will never go out.

Round Neck

The structure of a tee is equally as important as the color or design. The best of them all is a round neck t-shirt because it suits everyone, every season, and every aesthetic. It is the kind of clothing that you will never get tired of wearing.


The round neck prevents any overdone elements from becoming annoying. It is a subtle distinction but it certainly makes a difference. It is something that you can count on every time while looking for a tee, online or offline. A round neck tiger graphic tee is always a hit and never a miss.


The kind of neckline that is flattering on everyone but does not look over the top is v-neck. It is great if you do not like a neckline that stifles your neck a lot and if you like the general shaping of the v-neck. It is also great for when you are confused about what neckline to go for. It exposes very little skin but still steers you away from the prude territory. You can go for a blue v-neck t-shirt and it always works.

Full-Sleeved Shirts

Full-sleeves are the kind that cover maximum skin yet are somehow more sensual than any other design that exposes skin. That might be because the silhouette they give you is more streamlined than when you wear something that exposes relatively more skin.

Full-sleeved shirts are usually seen as undershirts, the ones that you wear under another piece of clothing when you do not want to expose your arms or want to protect them from sun damage. This is not all they are. Just by themselves, full sleeves look suave and chic. They are gonna make you look put together and more mature just by the mere addition of sleeves. They are meant to be worn as sole pieces and it's time for more people to try them out. You can start with a full-sleeves shit to test the waters.


These items are all of the most malleable pieces of clothing. They can be styled and used in so many different ways, that it is downright insane. They flow like fluid to fit any mould you want them to. They are must-haves for your wardrobe in any season but especially in summers. Along with them, you need a good pair of sandals like gold ones in your wardrobe. Expand your horizons by exploring the clothing collection from multiple luxury brands available on Iconic India.