Back-to-School Style Guide: Trendy Outfits for Every Age

Back-to-School Style Guide: Trendy Outfits for Every Age

Whether you are a school-going child or a university-going, aspiring professional, your choice of apparel will make a lot of difference. Your ensemble will say a lot about your personality and how seriously you take yourself. From kindergarten toddlers to grown-ups in the university, this comprehensive guide will tell you all about outfits that must be worn to stay comfortable but also look trendy.

Here are some outfit combinations for all age groups followed by the styling best tips and tricks:

  1. Childhood Fun

Pre-schoolers are always more excited than older kids. 

  • For Girls: Girls can wear lightweight cotton dresses and skirts. Jumpsuits and playsuits are pretty convenient for girls as well. 
  • For Boys: Boys can opt for casual clothing items like a pair of shorts, jeans and crew neck shirts. 

Dress them up in the most vibrant colors and cutest outfits so that they look forward to going to school.

  1. Pre-Teens Quirkiness

A pre-teen will be a tad conscious of his looks and might want to go for something casual and not flashy. 

  • For Girls: Hoodies and sweatshirts for girls are super sporty and comfortable. Cotton dresses are the best options for summer wear as well.
  • For Boys: For summers, a simple white crew neck t-shirt or any other solid-colored t-shirt with jeans is a comfortable combination.
  1. Teen Fashion Enthusiasts

Teenagers can be hard to deal with. They want to look the best and dress the best. To dress up your teenager, trends must be followed. 

  • For Girls: Girls can experiment with jumpsuits and creative ways of layering. A nice overcoat on top of a winter dress is a stylish as well as a comfortable option.
  • For Boys: Boys can opt for a crew neck t-shirt under a button-down shirt and jeans or chinos. Sneakers are the ideal comfort wear for school-going boys and girls. Round-neck sweaters will keep them warm and comfortable in winter.

  1. College and University Clothing 

Practicality is the most important aspect of clothing here. 

  • For Girls: For presentations, girls can wear high-rise trousers and coats with collared shirts. However, to appear more feminine, long pleated skirts with a blazer will also serve the purpose equally well. However, routine wear can be hoodies, skinny jeans, leggings and t-shirts. 
  • For Boys: Boys can pair a shirt with slim-fit trousers and loafers for a complete look. Make sure you are comfortable so that you can concentrate. For casual days, a True Religion hoodie can serve the purpose of looking stylish.

5 Tips for Students of All Age Groups

  1. Accessories are very important. The accessories contribute to maintaining a charm while emanating a stylish aura. Baseball caps are a must to amp up your looks.
  2. Opt for sustainable outfits. Kids grow up pretty fast, so they outgrow clothes super fast as well. Sticking to sustainable outfits will enable you to do your bit for the environment and contribute less to pollution.
  3. Smart Casuals: From fitted Gant sweatshirt to slim jeans for men, smart casual is the real deal. You will look sharp and ready to go out for drinks with friends. The True Religion jacket denim collection is back in vogue and people are wearing it everywhere.
  4. Do not follow a trend blindly to look cool. Teenagers often make the mistake of selecting apparel that does not suit them but is being worn by everyone else. This creates a confused idea of self.


Whether you're a spirited school kid or navigating the academic landscape in university, one universal truth remains – comfort is key. While young ones revel in play and various physical activities, college students find themselves entrenched in longer hours on campus. The secret to a seamless day lies in comfortable footwear and a well-suited backpack, ensuring all your essentials are neatly consolidated.

So, gear up and let your child step into the new school season with confidence, clad in the best outfits. Explore a plethora of options at Iconic online shopping, where your academic journey becomes as dynamic as your quest for the perfect style!