Back to Office: Look your best with these handpicked outfits

Back to Office: Look your best with these handpicked outfits

All work attire was banished to our closets in 2020. They remained there, folded into tidy piles and hung on hangers as they watched us spending the entire day in pyjamas and t-shirts. But now the pandemic is gone, and we are back to working in an office. This means that we once again have the chance to don our favourite office attire once more.

Every business professional should dress appropriately for the workplace because it conveys professionalism to onlookers and gives off a good first impression. Moreover, as an employee, you never know when you will need to meet with someone from outside your organisation, and dressing appropriately could play an important role in securing a new agreement, contract, or sale and missing the chance to close that business.

Brands like Kendall and Kylie, Rooted, Elle, Zoella, and Gant have clothes that are perfect to revamp your wardrobe for the new work season. We’ve curated a list of ‘back to office’ outfits that will make you look your best! 

Workwear attires to own and don for men and women!

Dress + Heels 

Dresses are the easiest to style, primarily because it doesn’t need to be styled too much in the first place! They are complete in themselves and adding accessories and shoes only elevates the look.

Formal bodycon dresses accentuate your body and make you look confident and professional. Kendall and Kylie have this black solid round neck dress that is perfect for the office. Another variation, the sleeveless black solid round dress is also equally good! Another brand with good collections of formal dresses is Gant. Check out their round-neck dresses that are available in darker shades like navy blue and wine red. These can be paired with Bugatti’s collection of chic heels or pumps.

If your workspace is relatively casual, then you can also pair Elle dresses with Bugatti’s Sandals. 

Centre Stage Women Black Solid Round Neck Dress

Power Suits + Heels/Formal Shoes 

Power suits with classic heels are a no-brainer when it comes to workwear. They are the pinnacle of professional attire, a traditional pantsuit may make you feel unstoppable on the days when you need a little additional vigour to get you through a crucial meeting or presentation.

Gant clothing has a range of power suits that are chic, professional and also supremely stylish. This navy blue printed blazer and its matching trouser is gorgeous! It can be paired with beautiful Bugatti ballerinas for the perfect work wear look.

For men too, powers suits and formal shoes are a no-brainer. Lindberg has a range of suit sets that are unbelievable chic!

You can also make your own suit set by airing these: navy blue checked blazer from Lindberg can be perfectly paired with Antony Morato’s brown skinny-fit trousers and  Bugatti’s formal cognac shoes. 

Lindbergh Men Blue Solid Collar Suit

Jumpsuit + Loafers

Jumpsuits are both stylish and cosy. It is a simple choice, especially if you spend the entire day at work and want to feel at ease. Additionally, you won't have trouble putting the separates together because they constitute an entire ensemble. Jumpsuits fit most women well and are generally lovely. Everyone looks beautiful in jumpsuits, skinny or plus size alike!

Kendall and Kylie have this white wide-legged jumpsuit that is perfect for a formal meeting or presentation, while this printed jumpsuit is perfect for a semi-formal workspace. You can add a pair of Bugatti’s loafers, heels or pumps to elevate the look.

Iconic Women White Solid V Neck Jumpsuit

T-Shirt + Chinos + Sneakers 

Bruun & Stengade, Gant, and Lindberg have chinos that can be paired with a solid t-shirt along with a pair of sneakers to still achieve a formal look, although t-shirts are generally considered informal wear. You can also add a slip-on loafer to complete the look. 

Shirt + Trousers + Boots

Shirts, when paired with formal trousers and boots are comfortable, versatile and perfect for donning in the new normal work scenario. Try pairing Bugatti’s boots, with Tommy Hilfiger trousers and a Harsam checked shirt to create a formal ‘seize the day’ look!

Harsam Men Multi Checked Collar Shirt

Blouse/Shirt + Skirt + Pumps/Sneakers

A formal skirt is considered good workwear as it is among the most adaptable kinds of formal wear for ladies. It is elegant and appropriate for all body types. A midi skirt when paired with a blouse and pumps is an excellent formal attire. Kendall and Kylie, Elle and Zoella have skirts that can be paired with both printed and solid tops and collared shirts. 


Our clothing is a reflection of who we are. In a workspace, it is of utmost importance that we remember this and present our best selves because professionalism also encompasses how you present yourself at work in addition to executing your job well. We’ve curated a list of attires: Dresses, Power suits, Jumpsuits, Tops and Skirts, Trousers, Heels, Loafers and formal shoes can give you a professional appearance. When dressed appropriately and comfortably, you will be able to exude confidence and excel in your career!