A New Seasonal Wardrobe: Decluttering

A New Seasonal Wardrobe: Decluttering

 None of us like a mess. Nobody likes to live in a space that is not only unorganized but also cluttered. The need for order and organization stems from the very beginning of Homo sapiens. The need to have everything organized is based on the fact that organization means to order and order means to control and having things under control means that you will survive longer or at all. This is why it is an instinct that we all have and is considered to be one that people consider merit.

Whenever you hear that someone is organized, you associate it with higher cognitive function and an ability to be self-aware and mindful of what is the best possible way to utilize a space.

This organization is not just limited to traditionally organized spaces like offices and schools, no, it pertains to the place we spend most of our time at - home. A well-organized living space means that you will have that much mental peace as well. The subconscious mind rejoices in the cleanliness and organization that a well-maintained home would have. The reasons are simple and primitive, and most importantly, effective every time.


Research has shown that cleaning out your living space or organizing your belongings gives you an instant serotonin boost and has helped people with mental illnesses to stay in control of their conditions. It is something that helps patients with OCD and anxiety regularly. With evidence to support this activity, it definitely is something we all should partake in.

The easiest way to do so is to start right from your room and your closet. Having an organized wardrobe is an unparalleled feeling and it will make you feel like you do have things in control, as far as your life is concerned. It is also an extremely good practice to get your clothing items in the order and figure out your style better. In fact, every single video or tutorial that claims to help you figure out your style will tell you to first and foremost clear out your wardrobe so you can see what kind of clothing you own, what to keep, and what to throw away.

For this, you will have to declutter your wardrobe and go through your entire clothing collection. Another variation of this process is to sort through as per the seasonal clothing and then classify the items by seasons or style. Prioritizing the clothing items that you will wear more this season will help you detach from the clothes you might have an unhealthy attachment to.

Here's a guide on how to hash this out through clothing categories.


T-shirts are the most common item to have in your wardrobe and it is something that people reach out for. The reasons for this are the ease of use they provide and the comfort they provide you with. They are extremely fashionable too which adds to the appeal of the garment. T-shirts are as malleable as silver. T-shirts are perfect for the spring-summer season because mostly they are made from a single layer of fabric. Usually, the fabric is used as per the season and usage. T-shirts are beloved by all ages, genders, and all regions of the world. They are extremely low maintenance too. So naturally, they are the staple item that you need to have first and foremost.


What you need to do - sort through your clothes to pick out the t-shirts that fit you, look good, and you like wearing. If you don't have enough t-shirts, then make it a point to remind yourself to look for more of those to buy. A solid example is An ombre t-shirt that would flatter anyone and everyone.

The next step is to pick out the old t-shirts that you don't wear and keep them aside to throw them out or preferably to donate them.


Another item that is universally loved is jeans. They are easy to put on, extremely comfortable, and look good with everything that you could possibly pair them up with. They are also great for all ages and loved by men and women alike. The best part is that they are made from denim, which is an extremely good material that lasts for decades. It is durable and is capable of enduring any weather, any condition, and a considerable amount of strain. That is not something that many fabrics can boast.

Denim also looks good in all colors, all types of washes, all styles, and most prominently it ages really well. That means that it will look better as time passes. That's why you need to pick the best pairs so that you can relax for the next decade or so.


What you need to do: while sorting through your wardrobe, pile up all your denim. Take a look at them and see which ones do not fit you anymore. Also, look at which ones are worn beyond repair. These are the two kinds that you need to discard or donate.

Anything else should stay. If you think a certain pair is out of fashion, don't worry, the trend will come back. If it's in good condition, keep it. That and the quality are the only parameters you will be checking for.

A pair of denim like a light blue pair is one that you can look at to compare quality.


The easy-breezy season is nothing if not incomplete without shorts. Everyone needs a decent pair of shorts during this season. Our legs are a large part of our body's surface area and thus overheating is something that can easily take place if you insist on covering up your legs.


Shorts are basically pants but not quite. And let's be honest, none of us actually like pants. They are restrictive and uncomfortable to wear all day. Shorts solve all of these issues. That's why they are loved. They also exude a relaxed charm that you cannot find anywhere else.

What you need to do:

Go through your wardrobe and look for shorts. Do you have a basic pair? Do you have a pair for the beach? Do you have one that you could wear to the grocery store? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to remind yourself to buy them. Shorts will come in handy on many occasions and you will find them there for years to come because they have worn on literally a handful of days because of the seasons. The luxury brands in India will offer a number of good pairs like khaki pair


When you think of summer and footwear together, your mind will probably wander to slippers and sandals as the ideal footwear for summer, right? Wrong. The reason is that they leave your feet uncovered and vulnerable to any sort of exposure - to the elements, any kind of injury, and allergic reactions too! That is something nobody wants to try their luck with. Hence, the perfect footwear for summer is sneakers. They are the epitome of comfort, look really good, and are usually made from breathable material so you will not be suffocating your feet in the name of fashion.


Sneakers come in so many designs and variations that you will find yourself going crazy over them like a lot of people have. These people are called sneakerheads and they collect sneakers. Don't worry though, you only need a pair or two to be happy and comfortable.

What you need to do: go through your footwear and look at the pairs that are too old and not comfortable anymore. These are the ones you will discard or donate. The purpose of footwear is not just to protect your feet but also to provide lasting support to you while you walk. Pick out the pair that cannot achieve this anymore. The rest either need to be washed or sprayed with a little deodorant. Do you have at least one pair of sneakers? If not, make it a point to buy yourself one pair for starters. The luxury brands in India offer a good selection. A pair of sneakers is top-tier quality-wise and will last you a long while.

Final Thoughts

Just as you prepare for the season while installing air conditioning and prepping for it with the right kind of food, taking your kids to the playground regularly, or making things for your family to enjoy for the season, you also need to prepare and organize your closet. Decluttering your wardrobe is not something that anyone considers a fin activity but with this guide, you might find it fun to do now. Declutter and buy premium clothes online as per your needs this season with Iconic and all the luxury brands in India that they offer in one place.