A look at the best beach bags for fashionistas

A look at the best beach bags for fashionistas

The true value of an item is not just based on how much you use it, but also on how impactful it is. By these standards, accessories rank much above the clothing items that we seem to think are the most important aspect of an outfit. Astonishingly enough for the common populace, that is not the case at all. We seem to think that just because something takes more space visually, it has more importance. That is clearly not the case and the sooner you understand that and apply it to your dressing sense, the more you can get out of your looks and your wardrobe.

Shoes are the only thing more important than your accessories, and that's the only thing you should consider higher in priority. While using your accessories or even buying them, you have to make sure that you know at least 3 ways that you can pair them up or use them. There's also the fact that these accessories have a hierarchy of their own. You cannot think of being fashionable if you do not have all of this in mind.

The hierarchy of accessories has the accessories that you merely carry and do not wear, at the very top.  This tier consists of bags, clutches, headphones, etc. These accessories hold so much power because they are not actually a part of your outfit but still contribute to your look. These accessories matching with your outfit is not a coincidence but it is still something that makes people feel like it was a wonderful little detail. Add in the fact these accessories actually serve a function, and you have an award-winning invention in the world of fashion.

One of these top-tier accessories is bags. Bags are the epitome when it comes to being useful yet stylish. They are something all women need around 90% of the time because of the fact that women's clothing does not include pockets, and even if they do, the pockets aren't useful or not big enough to be of much help. This is why bags are sought after so ardently. Much like everything else, the fashion industry has a way to beautify this article too. Bags are now looked at for their looks first, and utility second. There's a bag for every occasion that you can think of.

That includes places like the beach. So let's take a look at the bags you can carry to the beach and look great while having everything you need safely tucked into the bag.

Hobo Bag

Now, the name doesn't sound appealing at all, that much is true, but it is named so for a reason. The point of a hobo bag is that it resembles the bags of the first "hobo" or homeless people who moved from place to place. The term hobo bag is used to describe a bag that is slouchy, loose and has a defining handle as the only solid detail. They have a large size usually, reminiscent of the original bags they were inspired by. These hobo bags thus have a lot of space and a lot of utility.

You can take a hobo bag to a beach because it allows you to carry your entire universe within it. You can carry cash, your phone, your makeup, a change of clothes, your sofa, your dad's car, and anything else you can think of. If the goal is to carry as much as you possibly can, this is your best pick. This is great for trips to the beaches that aren't very close and in case you will need to spend the whole day on the beach.

A hobo bag also serves in the looks department because it has a boho vibe going on. It is something that you might have seen in a 2010 movie or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen carrying around. It has a casual yet chic vibe that does not overwhelm you visually and goes well with the beach vibe.  You can go and get this aesthetic with Blue Hobo bag. It is light on the eyes and even lighter on the usage.

Crossbody Bag

A crossbody is something that has been trending on social media for the entirety of 2020-2021. This is an accessory that Gen Z claimed as their own and claimed how "ugly" it was. The whole reason it got famous is that they were adamant about the bag being ugly and that is what Gen Z loved about it. The weird theories they have regarding reclaiming the trend of loving things despite them not being appealing at all has been one of the main reasons for the success. In reality, the fashion industry and everyone that doesn't belong to this particular generation agrees that crossbody bags are, in fact, very appealing. They are also very functional so that made them more popular than any other type of accessory.

The appearance of these bags on various platforms became incredibly common and celebs took a liking to them too. They are perfect for going to the beach impromptu because you can carry them with you at all times while your hands are still free to do whatever you want to do. They have a medium level of space and thus you can carry your basic utilities easily. Get one like white one and you're good to go.

Sling Bag

A sling bag is something that you can just sling onto your shoulder and forget about. It is lightweight and barely noticeable as something that you are constantly lugging around with you at all times. The variety of patterns that come with the territory of a sling bag is the most after handbags and that definitely gives you the freedom of choice. Not to mention, they are cute and feminine. They match the beach aesthetic perfectly and will match any outfit you have planned for the beach.

It is something that you see on Pinterest and think to yourself, "Yeah I could pull that off", and you're absolutely right. A  sling bag is easy to pull off as an accessory and great for when you only need to carry a minimum amount of things to the beach and want them on you at all times, for example, your phone. A black textured sling bag is the best choice. 

Tote Bag

Here comes the mother of all bags. When it comes to bags, pulling out a tote bag is the equivalent of "pulling out the big guns". The one kind that you have at home always, and the one bag you can rely on in every possible situation. It is like a comforting bowl of porridge that you know will always satisfy both your stomach and your soul. It is something that you can always count on to get the job done and to make you feel safe at the same time. Why do we have such faith in tote bags? Well, just like a bowl of porridge, it is incredibly simple.

The simplicity in the design is what makes it such a great choice. No gimmicks, no stupid features that you will not use. Just the most primitive version of a bag that you can use to store things and then take them out when you need them. That is the whole point of a bag. To give you the comfort of knowing that you are carrying everything you need. That is what a tote bag offers and if you are someone who needs to carry more than just your belongings to the beach, which may be the case if you're a mother, then this is your best option.

It is also the best option that you can go for if you have a picnic sort of outing planned and you are planning on carrying food. A multitude of items on your list? Then you should go for a tote bag and not think twice. A Black accent tote bag is a great example of this.

Final Thoughts

Going to the beach is an activity that you should be enjoyed to the fullest given that it is the season to do so. In order to do that, you will be needing a good plan and some preparation to make it happen. Going anywhere requires you to take the necessary items with you. That's why this guide is your best bet to figure out which one of a beach-ready bags suits your needs. Take a look thoroughly before making a decision because there's one to fit every mould and you can rest assured it will deliver what it promises.