A Guide On How To Buy Printed Shirts Online

A Guide On How To Buy Printed Shirts Online

We all know that clothing is the first thing we notice when we see someone. People say that what you look like does not matter, it is a small part of what makes you attractive. What makes you yourself. But it has often been argued upon by poets, writers, painters, and romantics that your personality is what makes you yourself and is what matters.

They say your personality is what makes you attractive and what does the most work when it comes to establishing your place in the social hierarchy. The truth is, both of these things are true. How? Well, despite being contradictory these points co-exist in a swirl of reality and realistic conundrums.

How you dress and what you look like is a direct manifestation of what's inside you. Of who you are and what really composes your personality. This means that even in your hardest times and comfortable silences, what you put out in the world in terms of visuals matters a lot. Even if nobody but you is looking, it matters. Because it is how you are feeling on the inside and what you view yourself as is what is reflected outwards.

This is the reason why whenever you see a person with tattoos or piercings or brightly coloured hair, they will never reason it with wanting to look good or different. It is always about how they see themselves and want to express themselves to the world. It is about what it means to them on a personal level because they are the only person who will always have to witness it at all times.

This alludes further to the fact that when people choose to let themselves go, pick something drab to put on their back, and just stop giving a damn about how they look or are perceived, it means they are completely letting their sense of self and identity go. This is never okay, not just aesthetically but for your mental state and health. Humans are visual creatures. We're inclined to feel and perceive a lot of what we think and feel off of what we see.

Most of the adults in the present-day world are either working or studying. That means they belong to either the working class or are preparing to join it. The day of a person in the working class is generally 9 to 5 and generally requires them to dedicate even more than the required 8 hours towards earning a living.

When more than a third of your day is going towards something this important, you barely have time to take care of your basic needs, much less do something like giving yourself a makeover. The solution should be a garment that is simple to put on but is not that simple when it comes to visuals. There might be many answers to this solution but a unisex, universally flattering one is - printed shirts.

Before the pandemic, going down to your local flea market and acquiring a good set of printed shirts that would uplift you was easy and quick. Didn't need you to make a day out of it. Now? It is no less than entering a warzone. Even more so when you consider that due to the pandemic there are not many desirable options. The supply chain directly to the markets has taken a hit and you will probably not find anything worth your money.


It's a relief that we can just buy printed shirts online, at a moment's notice and with a few simple clicks. Iconic India has a compilation of printed shirts online from various luxury brands, ready to be delivered to you whenever you need them. Although buying printed shirts online is not something many people are well familiar with, here's a guide on how to go about it.

Figure out the fit that will work best for you

What is your body type? What kind of fit do you usually go for? What is your most comfortable outfit's fitting like? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself and then note down before you decide on a fit. It could be body-hugging, a slim fit, slightly loose, or totally relaxed and oversized. Be aware that you will be wearing this to do everyday tasks so comfort should be your first priority.

Once you have the fit finalized, move on to the next step.

Figure out what colors atter you and what colors make you happy

Now, that may sound a little childish and idealistic, but buying printed shirts online does not mean you have to settle for just anything. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Buying and browsing on Iconic means you have a plethora of options, so why not make your visual pleasure a priority.

Throughout your life, you might have been well aware of the colors that flatter you the most, through introspection or through feedback from those around you. Note these down. Now think about your favorite color and the colors that give you joy when you look at them. Note that down and make them a priority. Remember that this is about you more than anything.

Figure out what prints you like or would suit you

Of course, when buying printed shirts online you will have to focus on the print as well. Being well informed on what kind of prints you can purchase and which ones will look good on you is crucial to making this process a success. Familiarize yourself with the types of printed shirts online that are available.

Minimalistic Print On A Minimalistic Color

A step above the neutral, solid color is this - getting a shirt with small prints and simple color that will not overwhelm you or anyone else looking at you. These kinds of printed shirts online are available easily on Iconic and you can add them to the bag regardless of whether you're trying to play it safe or not.

Minimalistic Color With A Bolder Print

Another step forward would be to go for a still understated color but pair it up with a rather big, rather bold print. This will balance out the visual quotient well on both the heavy and light aspects and will give you the room to be comfortable yet still be experimental with the purchase of printed shirts online. It is perfect for you to break out of your comfort zone and venture out into the world with new and exciting things on the way.

Minimalistic Print On A Bold Color

When you turn the tables to go with a theme that is vice versa of the last scheme we followed, you still get the same results when talking about the visual scale. But the twist here is that if you're someone who does not care much for details like prints and wants to focus on colors, this is the way for you. 

Bold And Bright

If you are someone who does not like to just blend into the shadows and you want to make a statement with whatever purchase you make for printed shirts online, then pairing a bold pattern with a bold color is the best option for you. If you feel like you can carry off a bright color and a bold pattern with it then you should look for something like this. This will definitely turn heads and uplift your own mood by a large margin.

Tees Are Shirts Too

If button-downs seem like a hassle to you, it is good to remember that t-shirts are shirts too. On top of being super easy to put on, they bring an air of comfort and casualness around them. Printed shirts online, especially t-shirts, come with a variety of quirky and interesting prints - like graphics and cartoons.

What's more interesting to consider is that they can never be too overwhelming no matter what the print is. So if you consider shirts like this on Iconic, you have a sea of options waiting for you.

Final Thoughts

Buying anything online for the first time might send you into a frenzy of anxiety and anticipation but if you go for printed shirts online and buy from a site like Iconic that is not just well established but getting better by the minute, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Become your own personal stylist with the above-mentioned types of shirts to choose from and achieve that effortless style with a few simple clicks.