A Celebrity-Inspired Look

A Celebrity-Inspired Look

There are certain times when one often wishes to wear clothes inspired by a celebrity or to have something to wear that matches the dressing sense of their admired celebrity. But then, we don't give serious thought to this topic because we believe that either doing so is not possible or we do not have that many resources or time to create a celebrity- Inspired look.  It's not only about the celebrities, but the display, the clothing, the accessories, makeup, accessories, shoes, etc. It's all about the celebrities, but what you'll really notice are the clothes and accessories.

Celebs who rock looks inspired by them are often photographed wearing looks that are difficult or impossible to replicate. They can also be incredibly expensive, and mostly impractical. If you're dead set on copying a celebrity's look, it's best to make it a look inspired by her, not necessarily her exact outfit.

Worry not! We’ve got you covered. in this article,  we'll discuss certain looks in the categories of casual wear, party wear, and semi-formals which might help you create the look straight out of a movie, or a series. Let us dive into various varieties of clothing that are nothing less than a celebrity-inspired look. And last but certainly NOT least, for those who find themselves without much free time any day now ‪#‎howlingonwards – let's just check here today if it will be good enough for your next event.

For Women

Casual Wear

When it comes to the category of Casual wear, there is no better choice than white, to give you the elegance you need. Go elegant Kendall + Kylie’s range of Casual Wear.

You can pair this top with Elle's blue solid skinny fit jeans or with True Religion’s Black Solid Skinny Fit jeans - whatever works best for you! If you want, you can also go for off-white shoulder slim fit skirt to create a more fashionable look.

For Bottomwear, you can opt for heel. To sass up your look more, you can add Black Crossbody Bag. You don't have too much bag space on the back because they make them in slip form so that makes getting everything tucked away perfect. It means less bulk and easy access from both sides when going out outside without having all that stuff hanging around.

Party Wear

Given the recent trends of partywear, two things automatically ping into anyone’s mind which is- V-Neck and something with shimmer, something that dazzles your lookup. Pink Solid V-Neck Dress. This dress has lots of shimmers! Anybody can rock this lookup when paired with the right choice of bottom wear and accessories.

For the choice of Bottomwear, heels would go well with this dress. You can pair this dress up with Bordo heels. You can also add, black solid crossbody bag to make your look chicer. This is a pretty easy option.


This look is the one which you can use for both outing and office wear purposes or for whichever occasion you want, this look can work perfectly for any occasion. Grey Solid Fit and Flare Dress with classy finish is an all-in-one kind of dress.


You can style this dress with either boots or heels, As said earlier, being an all-in-one kind of dress it goes well with any of the choices of bottom wear.

Office Wear

Sometimes one needs a change in their office wear outfits. Do not worry because we’ve got you covered on the outfit for such times when you are in dire need of a change when going to the office. Navy Striped V Neck Jumpsuit is a fashionable yet formal outfit to wear to the office when you want to freshen things up in your office routined life!

This jumpsuit gives you a more bold and confident look. For the choice of accessories, you can opt for Brown Crossbody bag.

For Men

Casual Wear

Looking for something that you could wear to both parties and a date night? Olive Solid Polo T-shirt is what you need. The colour olive provides a unique choice for one to have in their wardrobe. The colour gives you a bold kind of look and makes you stand out.

You can pair this T-Shirt with Black Solid Skinny Fit Jeans or with Grey Solid Skinny Fit Jeans both would make a really good casual look.

Party Wear

When it comes to selecting men’s choice for partywear it becomes a whole new tricky game. Because the styling regime of men works differently compared to women. Many options resemble one another and leave us confusing too. But if one is looking for a celebrity-inspired party-wear look, Navy Blue striped Shirt is the best choice. This blue shirt with white print on it gives you a unique combination of shirts to wear to a party or even to a date night.

When paired with Black Solid Regular Fit Jeans and, Ankle Boots, the shirt’s print and features become more noticeable, making it a great party wear choice. And also beautiful from afar (we're going through every photo available!). So grab yours today! You won't regret using this brand after trying them at your next fancy dinner party.


When it comes to choosing a semi-formal, sweatshirts make a great category for the range of semi-formals. Black Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt is a classy piece for wearing to any occasion where semi-formals are required.

Pairing the sweatshirt with Blue Solid Skinny Fit Jeans and Dark Blue Semi-Formal Shoes would be like adding a cherry on top of this cake!

Office Wear

When looking for a unique office wear set, one of the requirements for it is to be sharp to make you stand out. This becomes a really easy thing to pursue with black textured collar shirt. This is the perfect shirt for all your events. The textured collar adds a touch of style and sophistication, making this shirt perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Whether you're headed to the office or out for drinks with friends, you'll always look your best in this shirt.

You can pair this shirt up with trousers. Cream Solid Skinny Fit Trouser and Black Formal Shoes would make a great set for an office wear outfit.



Celebrities use their fashion sense to showcase their kind of unique personalities. And, sometimes, their style can specifically be an inspiration for others. In conclusion, the above mentioned generally are some brands which are, versatile, and stylish brands that offer celebrity-inspired particularly looks for men and women, definitely contrary to popular belief. The on-trend collection offers celebrity-inspired looks for both men and women.

The clothing is easy to wear, versatile, and chic, which essentially is quite significant. The prices of the clothing are very reasonable and affordable in a big way. The clothing can be worn for all occasions, or so they kind of thought. There are all kinds of ways to incorporate star power into sort of your wardrobe without having to douse yourself in makeup in a subtle way. If you're wearing anything orange, really consider pairing it with a navy or white sweater in a sort of major way. If denim's particularly your thing, opt for a darker wash in a very major way. The mix and mostly match when done in the right way and with the right set of brand combinations generally makes it a really sort of smooth task to specifically recreate celebrity-inspired looks subtly.

One doesn’t need to have a personal designer or tie-up with particularly big brands to kind of wear some red carpet looks or looks very straight out from a movie or series, or so they thought. All you need is a bit of fashion sense and the ideas to mostly recreate these looks, which generally is quite significant. You can visit the IconicIndia Website to find generally more sort of such outfits and looks to kind of recreate and add into pretty your very daily lifestyle.