7 Outfits that will make you feel like a boss

7 Outfits that will make you feel like a boss

Whether you've been in the workforce for a while or are already well along your career path, a little work wardrobe updating is always helpful. We've got you covered figuratively if you're all about curating a perfect closet that is stylish, classic, yet contemporary with Gant. Your ideal office clothes are just a few accessories, classic suits, and button-up shirts away, along with the appropriate bling.

Seven Classic Outfits To Make You Feel Like A Boss

  1.     The Tailored Jacket with Strong Shoulders

There's nothing quite like a strong shoulder for those business meetings where a little gravity is desperately needed. And while going retro is not strictly necessary (think of Working Girl's major shoulder crises), a robust and tailored jacket is unquestionably the appropriate choice before a business meeting when you need to look in charge.

Gant Women Black Solid Collar Jacket

The conclusion is in: it doesn't take much to create an impression in the boardroom when you're sporting a polished design in a tailored shape that precisely flatters your figure, whether you desire a sleek, minimalistic cut, a single or double-breasted blazer or coat. Extra style advice: If necessary, take your chosen powerful boss lady jacket in for a slight alteration to ensure that it fits you precisely.
  1.     A Statement-Making Pant For The Workplace.

You place a high value on professional appearance but prefer to avoid boring, ultra-formal clothes. We completely understand, so here's some encouraging news: In 2019, women's suits come in more colours than just blue, grey, and black. Compared to the typical clothes of earlier times, the chicest trends currently available are a significant divergence. Incorporate pastel-coloured suits, brightly coloured suits (hello, scarlet and fuchsia), and an abundance of beige and tan power suits that flawlessly combine sharpness with tenderness (via colour) (through a cut). Additionally, unexpected elements (such as stripes, trimmings, and colour accents) are progressively growing in acceptance and even welcomeness in the business world.

Lindbergh Men Grey Solid Slim Fit Trouser

  1.     The Wide Leg Pant Is An Alternative To The Slim Pant.

Do you still have the robust shoulder boss lady jacket? So, meet its ideal partner: the slim-leg or wide-leg pants if your form finds these options more attractive. Despite being very feminine yet in style, the truth is that pants are becoming more and more functional. Refresh your wishlist with a pair of slim, sleek Gant pant that ends just above your ankles if your wardrobe is missing in this area for an attractive appearance with a contemporary, modern touch.

Gant Men Khaki Solid Slim Fit Trouser

  1.     The Twisted Pencil Skirt (Or Flap)

A reliable pencil skirt is unquestionably a boss lady's go-to piece. But various skirt styles are available for 2022 and 2023, and they need the traditional pencil skirt's recognisable shape. Instead, they include intriguing additions like side flaps and several buttons. However, while still a solid essential piece, the traditional black pencil skirt has been replaced by yet another magnetic component: patterns. Prints suitable for an office that is. Meet plaid, or more particularly, tartan and tattersall, one of the hottest patterns right now that mixes retro chicness with business composure.

Centre Stage Women Green Solid Straight Fit Skirt

  1.     The Precious, Delicate Top

A traditional play on hard and soft is achieved by including feminine and masculine-inspired pieces while building your boss lady wardrobe. And nothing emphasises that feminine side, like a silk blouse with a bow accent, a pretty pattern, a stylish trim, or a whimsical frill. When a small, exquisite blouse with a feminine touch is paired with a bright, powerful shoulder blazer in an ultra-sleek cut, the ideal balance is for a boss lady who is ready to rule the boardroom or grow her business to new heights.

This attire will make you feel sharp and businesslike so you can get to work, even if your line of work allows you to work from homes, like graphic design or website copywriting. The best part is that you are preparing for a Zoom call should one of your clients request one!

Kendall & Kylie Women Black Solid Blazer

  1.     The Ideal Black Dress

If you're climbing the corporate ladder, a little black dress should be your go-to piece for the office. The truth is that only a few outfits possess the same degree of adaptability and carefree elegance as the best LBDs. Moreover, the little black dress doesn't necessarily have to be black anymore. To put a contemporary spin on the traditional LBD, update your boss lady wardrobe with a few new dresses that fit your form and come in various colours, from navy to emerald to rich burgundies.

DKNY Women Black Solid Collar Dress

  1.     The Adorned, Soft Coat

While rigid clothing is unquestionably necessary for the business, the boss lady's wardrobe occasionally includes softness and draping designs. The ultra-soft draping coat should be worn first, particularly in a warm, neutral, or pastel colour. Layer our charming tiny blouses and sharp button-up shirts over your trendy soft coat (which, more often than not, neglects the buttons in favour of a more casual knot on the waist), then finish the look with those essential slim fit ankle-cut slacks.

Gant Women Beige Solid Over Coats


When your office attire is in order, looking professional at all times won't be a problem. And the task at hand is made simple with these quick recommendations that include the must-have components for an immaculate boss lady style. When establishing high career objectives, curating your ideal woman-in-charge wardrobe is more than essential. The appropriate heels, pearls, dresses, slimline blazers, and jumpsuits are all here to help you succeed.