7 Must-have Dresses: Featuring Kendall+Kylie

7 Must-have Dresses: Featuring Kendall+Kylie

Dresses are some of the most feminine and fierce pieces of clothing out there. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and are available in insurmountable varieties. Kendall and Kylie clothing is a brand known to every fashion-loving millennial and gen-Z owing to not only its eye-catching collections but also its association with one of this generation’s most widely known pair of siblings - the Jenner sisters. The clothing emulates their daily style and makes it accessible for folks worldwide that have a penchant for style.

Trends in the clothing industry are ever-changing. This makes it hard to decide which investments are going to stand the test of time. Given Kendall & Kylie’s minimalistic take on dresses, it makes them immune to shifting runway seasons while keeping them just as relevant. Despite this classic feel, their dresses never fail to look preppy and cute.

Top 7 Kendall + Kylie Dresses You Need To Get Now

The Kendall & Kylie collection is drool-worthy and with such a wide range of options, it can get hard for you to decide which dress would fit you the best. Hence, here’s a list of the top 7 dresses from their catalogue that you need to bring home now to build the wardrobe of your dreams!

Black Strappy Dress

No girl can go without a great Black Solid Dress while picking party outfits and this one takes the cool quotient a step further. Although it is a masterclass in elegance, the dress is built to allow a great range of motion. Thus, you can dance your heart out while wearing it and look just as put together by the end.

Kendall + Kylie Women Black Solid Dress

The dress has an A-line bodice and accentuates your waist just the right amount. This gives you an hourglass appearance no matter what your body type is. The shoulder straps wrap at the back and make way for a sizable back cutout which makes you look sensual without being distasteful. The ruched piece of cloth hanging in the front gives the outfit an early 2000s appearance overall as it reminds you of the thin scarves worn with mini dresses in movies back in the day. Thus, you can replicate the Y2K look in a classy black colour and save yourself from buying an outfit that only stays in fashion for a few months.

For accessories, keep it simple by wearing some lace-up heels and statement earrings. You can even get a metallic clutch to store all that you need for a nighttime rendezvous in town.

White Single-Strap Dress

Single-strap dresses are all the rage right now given how easy they are to wear. Moreover, they perfectly fit India’s hot and sweaty climate by providing a breathable make. Tons of women want to try the single-strap style but are too wary of it given how flimsy the material can be for some brands. This creates the possibility of wardrobe malfunctions that nobody would want to be privy to. Kendall and Kylie Dresses fix this issue in one go by creating a silhouette that is simple yet supportive.

Instead of using just a straight strap, this White Single Strap Dress contains a tie that goes across your chest from one side to the other, making it easier for the fabric to stick up to your body.

Kendall + Kylie Women Off White Solid Dress

Given its soothing shade, pair it up with some neon heels or sneakers to spice up your outfit. You can also do the same with your handbag or fanny pack to stay at par with current street-style looks.

Solid Fuchsia Dress

If people had to name some colours that represented youthful and fun energy, 9/10 times they would pick a poppy pink hue. This Orange Solid Round Neck Dress matches the vivacious young aura with its sporty appearance and arresting colour. It suits all skin tones and body types owing to its slim fit.

Kendall + Kylie Women Orange Solid Round Neck Dress

You can wear this to dates and concerts without thinking twice, but it also makes for a great college outfit. All you need to do is modify the outfit according to the institution's dress code - whether that’s by layering this underneath an oversized boxy t-shirt or using it as a top to go underneath a maxi skirt. The possibilities are practically endless!

Back Cutout Contrast Dress

Kendall Kylie clothing stays true to what the celebrities like to wear themselves. Luckily, they're some of the biggest trendsetters this decade so anything that’s on the collection automatically becomes the new hot thing on the market. The same can be said about this Multi Printed Dress with a high neck and cutouts in the back.

Kendall + Kylie Women Multi Printed Dress

The Monochromatic design has stayed around for ages and when coupled with a figure-hugging silhouette, it works wonders for women of all shapes and sizes. The back cutout is inconspicuous enough for people that have just found their way into high fashion and would like to try some milder versions of popular bold fits.

When wearing this dress, add some colour to your get-up by wearing a deep wine lip shade or carrying a colourful purse.

Black Strapless Beach Dress 

Have you always wanted to try a strapless dress but can never trust the garment to stick to your body? This Black Solid Dress is the answer to all your doubts!

The chest region of the dress is made up of a fitting fabric which lets you move your body without the fear of any slips whereas a shiny material constitutes the rest of the attire. Its light build makes it ideal for a beachy night. Wear some big hoops and bedazzled footwear with this dress to stay on top of your fashion game.

Backless Chain Dress

We’ve all dreamt of being the Bond girl at least once in our lives. Mysterious, chic, and oh-so-fashionable - Bond girls are the epitome of classy and cool. This dress by Black Backless Dress by Kendall & Kylie ticks all these boxes and makes for the perfect evening gown. The open back lets you show some skin while being sleek and charming, but what adds the cherry on the top is the thin gold chain spread along the cutout.

Kendall + Kylie Women Black Solid Dress

The 3-way chain joined by a K&K symbol looks exquisite owing to its delicate make. The plain A-line black fabric lets the detailing on the dress take the centre stage while an added slit on the side pushes the steaminess a notch up.

Do this marvellous piece justice by wearing some high-quality black pumps and minimalistic jewellery. Some smoky eyeshadow or red lipstick might just do the trick as well!

White Round-Neck Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses will never go out of fashion. If you want to buy a dress that matches well for all times of the day and occasions, then nothing can beat this Round-Neck Bodycon Dress. Its snug fit flatters your figure whereas the brand texts on both sides give it an athletic feel. The seam extends up to mid-thigh, giving you the freedom to have fun in a mini dress without worrying about it riding up too high. 

Kendall + Kylie Women Green Solid Round Neck Dress

If you are going on a picnic or sporting event, wear this dress with sneakers and put your hair up into a tight ponytail. You can jazz it up for parties by pulling out a pair of open-toed heels and adding some jewellery. 


If you’re not in the habit of wearing dresses every day, you may have apprehensions about building a whole section in your closet catered to them. In reality, dresses aren’t what they used to be anymore, their design has changed over time in line with shifting fashion trends. From the early eighteenth century and lasting into the twentieth, corsets were a common undergarment worn to define the waist and tighten dresses. These days, dresses are considered one of the most comfortable attires out there due to their often airy build.

If you do still feel like you’re not ready for a fashion challenge, opt for a more modest look by pairing your dresses with colourful tights or long-sleeved fitted tops. The layering will only make you look edgier and let you enjoy the most popular pieces by Kendall & Kylie!