6 Mind-Blowing Tips To Consider Before Choosing An Ideal Outfit

6 Mind-Blowing Tips To Consider Before Choosing An Ideal Outfit

While putting together an outfit, you consider many things. The shoes, the accessories, the different kinds of colours you want to wear.

There are external factors too that are considered while deciding an outfit. Things like where you're going, who you might be meeting, what kind of weather it currently is and many more. With a well-decided outfit,

you need to consider many different tips like the ones mentioned above to make sure that your outfit is ideal.

While many a time, an outfit is amazing, it doesn't really fit where you are and that makes you feel overdressed or underdressed or just plainly dressed weird.

Here are 6 tips to avoid being awkward in your clothing and make sure your outfit is ideal:

1.    The functional over fit

While many outfits you might want to wear look absolutely fabulous, they can be dreadfully uncomfortable. Maybe they have an uncomfortable belt or an elastic that leaves marks on your skin. An outfit that is that uncomfortable isn't one that you can comfortably function in either.

Contrary to popular belief, the outfit shouldn't be just one that looks good, it should be one that also makes you comfortable.

An outfit only looks as good as the comfort it provides to the person wearing it. That's the most important tip to keep in mind while selecting an outfit.

2.     Vibe-check

Nowadays, every social gathering, every happening place and every person even, gives off a vibe. People have started making certain associations in relation to clothing and the person itself. The most common example is the association between polo shirts and "dad" vibes.

This basically means that polo shirts are t-shirts that are usually worn by middle-aged men who might be the age of a father.

Similarly, several clothing items and different outfits give off different vibes. So, an important thing to consider is the different vibe that you might be going for. If you're going for the vibes of saying a beach, pick an outfit that might suit it like Bermuda shorts and a tank top.

If you're going for a formal vibe, then it might be a tucked in shirt with well-pleated trousers and formal shoes.

In any case, the best way to make an outfit from good to ideal one is to consider the vibe you want to give off and whether you want to fit in with the vibe of a social gathering you might be going to or whether you want to stand out.


3.    Accessorize

Sometimes, no matter how good an outfit, something feels missing. The outfit just feels incomplete and there isn't anything you can think of that you've missed out. This is when you accessorize.

Accessories are like the fine spices of fashion. Much like how a small bit of saffron can make a huge difference to a dish, an accessory can change and elevate an outfit. Depending on the outfit, always pick accessories that will complete the outfit and bring out its maximum potential of it.

This is not to say that you over accessorize and overdo it to the point where it looks gaudy and tacky.

The best example of this is a pocket square.  While wearing a suit, the belt, the tie and the watch are a must. However, one thing that people miss out on is the pocket squares.  Either a pocket square of a mild colour or a pocket square that contrasts the colour of the shirt.

Even for the ladies, having the right kind of handbag really elevates a simple plain dress or outfit. Blue handbag the perfect mix of sophistication and style.

In this way, accessorizing helps in elevating an outfit and making sure that your outfit doesn't lack that one thing that makes it stand out and that makes it complete.

4.    Just for kicks

Picking an outfit is not easy. There are multiple things you need to consider like the vibe, the different places you might be going to, and many more factors. However, one factor to consider that is absolutely imperative is footwear.

The footwear that you wear with an outfit is a defining factor as to whether the outfit works or not.

There are different reasons for this. One, the footwear needs to be practical. The footwear you put on needs to be practical. If you’re going out to a beach, wearing formal shoes would be pointless and messy.

The better footwear would be slip-on shoes or flip-flops. In this way, it’s important to decide on footwear that is practical enough for your outfit. Secondly, there is the issue of deciding on footwear that matches the rest of your outfit. One cannot be wearing flip flops with a formal suit and expect it to be a well put together outfit.

5.     Know what colours, shapes and styles suit you best

It’s important to know what colours and shapes suit your body, and how to style your hair and makeup for a polished, professional look.

If you can afford to hire a consultant to tell you, amazing. If not, ask three or four friends to come over and give you some tough love. Finding your personal style and the right kind of clothes that make you feel like yourself, sexy and confident are all that matter.

Sometimes wearing the right clothes also helps in the opinions you receive from others. it helps to get a second opinion. Get the right fashion advice and tips to make an outstanding first impression.  Or pick clothes that are extremely bendy and go with every single body type.

6.    The importance of good colours

Wearing the right colours speaks volumes about the kind of clothes you should be able to wear.

You can wear black, charcoal, violet, or dark blue, but it doesn't have that summery light airy feel. The dark colours, including black, absorb more heat. A lighter colour, on the other hand, gives off a more summery vibe. For the winter, chose a more beige, black or grey or have fun in yellows

Colours can also broaden or slim the figure. For apple-shaped bodies, choose darker hues for the bottom to slim the flares and brighter shades on top. For pear-shaped bodies, choose darker hues for the hips and thighs. Colours almost act like chameleons, dictating the way you look in various ways.



These guidelines for finding the perfect fit are just a scratch for understanding the basics. it is all about mixing and matching until you find what suits you. Keeping in mind these factors is super important to consider when choosing an outfit. We all need an outfit that would be perfect, and these tips make sure your outfit is perfect.