5 Formal outfits from Luxury Brands - For the perfect gentlemen

5 Formal outfits from Luxury Brands - For the perfect gentlemen

Whether you love fashion or would rather wear the same t-shirt 3 days in a row, everybody loves looking their best when they know that all eyes are going to be on them. For most of us, black-tie events are rare, but given our jobs, having a sturdy formal clothing collection is a necessity. As surprising as it may be, how you dress can often make a difference in how you’re prioritised for front-desk work roles and the dates you land. This is because your appearance represents how you approach all things in life.

But, not everyone is a styling guru. Choosing what to wear before important events can actually become a headache for many. So before you start panicking about what to wear for your next formal event, we’ve compiled a list of the most refined and comfortable luxury clothing to make you look dashing all-day long.

Best Formal Outfits For Men By Luxury Brands

Men need formal outfits in the most important times of their lives, whether it’s for a major work presentation, a gala, or even a wedding. So we’ve curated a list of 5 formal wardrobe essentials so that you can turn heads wherever you go!

Classic blazer

You can never go wrong with a good blazer. Blazers are the quintessential choice to turn a basic outfit into a formal extravaganza. They’re the modern rendition of a suit since they let you create the same effect without bringing home an elaborate clothing set.

Although there are a plethora of patterns and colours available in the market, when investing in luxury brands, it's best to start out with shades such as black, tan, and blue. These hues never go out of style so you can be assured of looking suave in every season. The Harsam Men Brown Solid Collar Blazer is the perfect choice if you want to sport a classic blazer around town. It has a fitted silhouette which helps you flaunt all the work you put in the gym!

Harsam Men Brown Solid Collar Blazer

Depending on your preferences, you can rock a blazer at your workplace or a party - how you style it is what changes the game. If you want to dress formally for a work meeting, pair your blazer with a block-coloured long-sleeved shirt and some straight-fit pants. If you can’t wait to jazz up your outfit for a party, then wear your blazer over a black or white t-shirt and some chinos. 

Collared Shirt

You cannot think about dressing formally without a collared shirt at your disposal. After all, a crisp shirt in a soothing colour can make anybody look swoon-worthy in minutes. There are majorly two variants of collared shirts available in the market - half and full-sleeved. The former is more suitable for smart casual or semi-formal occasions whereas the latter is a formal closet essential.

White and blue shirts have been a crowd-favourite for years, but if you want to stand out in a crowd while holding onto your vintage charm - opt for pieces with minimalistic prints. These go beautifully with monochromatic blazers and bottoms. Gant shirts never fail to look classy so order this Floral Printed Cotton Shirt now if you’ve got a fancy date coming up and want to look your absolute best. 

Gant Men Floral Printed Cotton Casual Shirt

If you like the chequered look, getting some striped or checked shirts would be a good idea for you as well to spice up your office wear. Roll up your sleeves if you want to dress down or add a tight if you want to dress up - the options are endless!

Fitted trouser

Even though they’re not the first thing that pulls the gaze, pants are the biggest part of any outfit. Gone are the days of wide-legged and loose pants - the trends for formal wear have been strongly leaning towards fitted trousers for the past few years. And why shouldn’t they?  Fitted trousers make an attire look sleek and prevent overpowering your personality. Going for a timeless piece such as the Cotton Mid-Rise Skinny Fit Trousers by Antony Morato helps you mix n’ match with all the shirts and t-shirts you own and lets you decide what degree of formality you want to aim for.

Antony Morato Men Cotton Mid-Rise Skinny Fit Trousers

Do not shy away from accessorising with your fancy get-ups but subtlety is the prime mantra to keep in mind. Add a leather (or pleather if you’re trying to be more environmentally conscious) belt to amp up your look instantly.

Polo Shirt

Often formal is associated with boredom or seniority, but that’s so far from the truth. If you want to look formal without subsiding your exuberance, polo shirts are the way to go. You can wear them on golf trips, business lunches, or friendly celebrations. Just instead of pairing them with shorts, bring out some khaki chinos or trousers. Lindbergh clothing is renowned for being playfully classy and this Red Solid Polo T-shirt is no different. The elusive brick shade communicates a fine taste and works in both the day and night time.   

Gant Men Red Solid Polo TShirt   

If you’re still not feeling glitzy enough, put on a blazer over your polo or an overcoat if it’s starting to get chilly. This restores your youthful appeal while helping you look more business-appropriate. Your footwear has a big role to play as well when you’re wearing a polo as it blends well with nearly all types. Get the debonair look by putting on loafers or oxfords and seal the deal!

All-purpose suit

There’s nothing a man looks more handsome in than a suit. Since suits come in pre-made sets, you do not need to lose your brain matching your top and bottom wear. The ultimate formal ensemble of all time is a suit and the best part is, even though it looks like you spent hours dressing up - it’s the easiest thing to put on. Men in suits are a sight to see and it’s a get-up that works no matter where you’re going. This is why the Lindbergh Men Blue Solid Collar Suit never disappoints. It’ll make you look dapper whether you’re at a wedding or a conference.

Lindbergh Men Blue Solid Collar Suit

The crux of a suit lies in how it fits. If you’re a V-shape body type, then going for narrower suits accentuates your stature and makes you look taller. On the other hand, if you have a wider midsection, a well-tailored single-breasted jacket with a slight inward taper will create the illusion of a narrow torso. A structured shoulder width will give your figure authority without making you appear larger.

Unless you’re planning on getting multiple suits in one go, it's best to stick to basic colours. That way you can also use the various pieces of your suit separately and increase the range of your collection.


Fashion alters every season, but style is eternal. Putting in extra effort to dress up for special affairs goes beyond vanity, it shows how much you care about yourself and where you are. So when in doubt, stick to a fundamental colour palette and combine all the clothing elements around it. No matter what outfit you pick for formal gatherings, do not forget to add a personal touch to it. It can be a watch, some cufflinks, or just your smile - you shine the brightest when you feel like yourself.