5 Dresses Under Rs 10000 From Luxury Brands - Perfect For Girls

5 Dresses Under Rs 10000 From Luxury Brands - Perfect For Girls

Kids' clothing is a difficult arena to figure out. As much as you’d love to see the apple of your eye in the cutest outfits available, they are bound to grow out of them in a few years. Thus, hitting the right balance between affordable and high-quality is crucial when shopping for your younger ones.

Girls always look adorable in dresses and the breathable fit helps in proper ventilation so that they can run around in the sun without feeling the heat. Additionally, dresses can be styled for a multitude of occasions - whether it's a school trip, a picnic with friends, or a birthday party. Thus, not only do you need to buy frocks for your little girl - you’ve got to build her a wardrobe that’s stocked for all events. After all, every young fashionista, from toddlers to teenagers, wishes to have a wardrobe full of trendy and stylish designer clothes!

Best Dresses Under Rs.10k For Girls

With the rapid rise in demand for kids’ fashion, luxury brands now have departments dedicated to the children’s section and provide pieces in all price ranges. So to simplify the shopping experience for you, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 girls’ dresses by high-fashion brands under just Rs.10,000.

Multi-Coloured Extravaganza

There are two prints that you could never go wrong with when it comes to kid’s clothing - florals and animal figurines. This Multi Printed Round Neck One-Piece is one of the finest Elle dresses online. Even though the garment combines 5+ colours, it does so very subtly which makes girls look put together and jolly all at once. Since the dress has short sleeves and is stitched using pure cotton, it is a flawless attire for the summer season. Even during winter, it can be styled with a long-sleeved cardigan and some little boots.

Elle Kids Girls Multi Printed Round Neck Dress

The key to making kids look awe-worthy when wearing dresses is to go for funky headgear. Whether it's pearl clips, colourful hair bands, or silk scrunchies - the more the merrier!

Peachy Princess

Fit and Flare dresses have been the darling of the children’s clothing arena for years now, and this Peach Embroidered Dress by Blue Giraffe manages to pull off the same. It has a button-enclosure in the basic and small handwoven flowers adorning the chest region - delicate details that make the dress a minimalistic champion. The bright orange shade draws attention to your little girl’s gorgeous face wherever she goes while the linen blend fabric is gentle on her skin. It's an evergreen style that has been around for ages so the chances of your loved one putting on a vintage charm would shoot through the roof!

Blue Giraffe Girls Peach Embroidered Round Neck Dress

This dress can be best styled with some open-toed sandals and a hair bow. The best part about it is that it can be both dressed up and down depending on your preferences. 

Disney Magic

The role of Disney movies and princesses in the lives of little girls is massive. They weave dreams around these magical universes which develops their imagination and visual skills. The craze for Disney characters is so high that children can never get enough of themed toys, merchandise, and clothing.

Thus, your little one will love this Girls Green Printed Round Neck Dress without a doubt. It features two of the most popular Disney Princesses from the 2013 hit “Frozen” - Elsa and Anna. Since the story is centred around two sisters, you can buy two of these in separate sizes if you’ve got two pretty girls back home (even better if they’re twins!). Your child will never want to take off this outfit and pour themselves into the icy wonders of the animated universe.

Blue Giraffe Girls Green Printed Round Neck Dress

Pastel colours like baby pink, turquoise, and violet (as present in the dress) are ideal for young girls since they communicate the innocence and subtle beauty present in them perfectly.

Gingham Girl

Formal occasions call for dignified clothing - no matter what age you are. Whether it's a big celebration, a school function, or just a day you want to dress them extra nicely - Gingham dresses always make little girls look one of a kind. You can never mess up an outfit as long as you’ve got an Elle dress by your side. So bring home this Black Checked Dress to turn your child into a French Madame.

Elle Kids Girls Black Checked Round Neck Dress

This dress will look best when paired with some black mary jane shoes and an embellished hair band. You can amp up the style quotient by adding a beret or beanie to the mix. Since this dress has a mature aura to it, you can match outfits with your little one by bringing out your Gingham apparel too!

Whimsical Frills

The ruffle is one style that is making a strong comeback. These days, there is a frilled style to suit everyone's taste in fashion, whether it be small or large, subtle or voluminous. Even though frills have been used in kidswear for a long time, they've never been this voguish.

To incorporate some adorable asymmetry into your child’s clothing, grab this Blue Giraffe Girls White Printed U Neck Dress. While some ruffled dresses can appear a little crumpled on the body, this A-line piece is striking and accentuates the child's allure. There’s no debate that blue is one of the most widely-liked shades on the planet, so the ocean blue colour of the dress is easy on the eyes.

Blue Giraffe Girls White Printed U Neck Dress

This dress is better suited for casual rendezvous and can become a great choice when you want to take your kid on a playdate. It has a loose fit which provides ample space to move and the dainty string tie-up in the front adds just the right amount of decoration to the get-up.


Childhood is the time to be active and spontaneous. Thus, lightweight fabrics are a must no matter what outfit a kid wears. The versatility of dresses is what has kept them relevant in the kidswear industry for so long, so trust them to make your child look just as fabulous as you. There’s no harm in sticking to classic solid colours from time to time, but the best way to celebrate a young girl’s peppiness is to supplement as much colour to her wardrobe as possible. Not only does it add to their cuteness, but it also helps in keeping them in high spirits.

Clothing can also be a great outlet for personal expression and a medium for parent-child bonding. Discussing fashion and colours can help you discover your child’s creative side - their likes, dislikes, and everything in between. Instead of turning dressing up every day into a chore, encourage your child to enjoy it. This can play a huge role in how confident a child feels in their skin in the years to come. So sit down with your kid on a lazy day and browse through our top picks to let them choose what dresses they like the best!