5 Denim hacks to make them fit better

5 Denim hacks to make them fit better

Today, wearing jeans has become a trend statement, though the substantial reason for it was the comfort element of it. Presently, it does not matter what size you are, what your age is, if you display a pair of jeans, with a mood you can wobble the overall look!

Though everyone has their favourite jeans, be it your decent pair of skinnies or your most comfortable boyfriends. Whatever your mode is, it’s more than probable that you’ve had your favourite jeans for a while. After all, they’re reliable and they stay fashionable season after season, year after year. After donning the same jeans for so long, though, you may have fallen over into a styling rut, always pairing them with the same former items. Well, not anymore! Give the tedious t-shirt and flip-flops a miss this season and exhibit your favourite jeans some cherish with a styling makeover.

Nonetheless, it's an elevated time that you should glance for new ways to style your favourite jeans. If you are looking for ways to wear jeans, then you are in the right place. This article is going to outline various ideas that would look tremendous with jeans.

Keep it simple in the white tee

For an effortless and immediate look, you can’t win against a white tee and black jean combo. Excellent for off-duty days, it’s a timeless look you’ll attain time and time again. A T-shirt is that piece of clothing that never goes out of style. They are exceedingly fashionable yet comfy and provide you with a sexy vibe if styled efficiently.

This Elle Women Off White Solid Round Neck TShirt is a relaxed tee that is delightfully soft and has a relaxed fit, making it perfect for tucking in. With added stretch, these Elle Women Blue Solid Regular Fit Jeans are completely comfortable and can be worn precisely everywhere.

Girls, it’s time to turn your hands down on this classic combination that has quaked every epoch.

Elle Women Off White Solid Round Neck TShirt

Opt for black-all-over attire

Denim on denim has been a big sensation for the longest time. Black on black never disappoints and with a black top with jeans combination, you can be sure that this mania will never go untrue.

This Black Solid Round Neck Top by Kendall + Kylie with Black Solid Relaxed Fit Jeans by Elle will be your perfect go-to combination. Pair this outfit with flats or heels whatever will work for you and some neck accessories like some gold chains. It is of course a  trend that has not left the fashion circuit. It is also easy to style and easier to carry.

Kendall + Kylie Women Black Solid Round Neck Tshirt

Pair your shirts with jeans

Want to wear your jeans to work but are worried that they will come off as too casual? Try the shirt with a jeans combination. Pair these Harsam Men Pink Solid Collar Shirtwith Blue Solid Regular Fit Jeans by Elle and you will surely get a perfect combination for all of your relaxed occasions. These are 

completely chic yet it provides a comfortable feel. Pair these with a sling bag or some minimal neck piece for the desired look. A solid top with jeans is a fashion statement that can work out beautifully for all the wonderful ladies!

You can find a variety of alternatives to select from. Premium brands like Elle, Gant and Kendall & Kylie are here to provide you with vast options!

Harsam Men Pink Solid Collar Shirt

Consider the denim jackets over denim

It’s lenient to see how denim has dominated men’s fashion choices. The denim-inspired commodities can be found in every man’s wardrobe. A denim jacket for men is a clothing staple, and while many may falter the rules while donning double denim. Check out this Blue Self-Design Collar Jacket by Antony Morato which can be paired with Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans from the same brand itself. This combination can elevate your clothing and style to new pinnacles. They are classic and these types of denim have assisted generations.

You can also look for different options from the same brand again. They offer a wide variety in terms of colours, appearances and materials that you can choose from.

From the classic light blue to black and the in-between grey, all denim jackets have become a style statement in themselves.

True Religion Men Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans

Carry casual blazers with jeans

Blazers are one of those iconic chunks of menswear that are universal and can be accommodated in every colour. The smart casual look, which is the most sought-after, cannot be done in a decent way other than by pairing casual blazers for men with jeans. 

Highlighting Olive Solid V Neck Blazer by Matinique which can be coupled with Blue Solid Slim Fit Jeans.

This combination will effortlessly flaunt your muscular calf and add a whiff of manliness. You can also make this outfit combination as a last-minute option by only opting for a good pair of jeans and a colour-coordinated blazer and this will surely turn heads down.


Got plenty of suggestions of what to wear with jeans for women? Well, we are sure you are delighted to embark on these looks. While these outfit opinions will ace your style quotient, what will help you clasp your fashion is carefully-styled high-quality apparel. In addition, Iconic India is your one-stop solution to attain your shopping checklist. So wait no more, boost up your personality with premium brands like Elle, Gant, Kendall & Kylie, Antony Morato, and Jack & Jones. We are here for you to take in the new normal with a modern style.