5 Demin styles that you can’t resist 

5 Demin styles that you can’t resist 

There are so many amazing new jeans that are coming out every season. Denim is just timeless beauty everyone should comfortably and undeniably own a pair in their closets. Be it any season, weather or location, Jeans will continue to be the most wanted fashion item, even when it does not exactly follow a specific trend. I’ve noticed lately that when it comes to denim, literally anything goes matches with a beautiful pair. So many types in the market- the classic skinny, mom jeans, dad jeans and 90’s fits, cropped jeans, wide legs and flares. So many fits - curvy, relaxed, skinny tight, tall, petite, straight cut etc. There are different washes of denim dyes, distressing patterns, various colours, cross over buttons, mid-rise, low-rise and high waist length etc., the list is endless and growing.

Jeans are one of the most versatile and essential pieces of clothing to rock the western look. You can own a few pairs of wonderful, soft and stretchy jeans just like a legging, but the material is thicker, so they are flattering like jeans. Not only are they great material but the pocket placement is wonderful. Poly or cotton blends are super comfortable and recommended.

We all have the problem with buying jeans and finding out they have stretched out to be saggy after a decade of use. Sometimes you have to buy them super tightly, wear and push them around the house for a while to stretch them out to the perfect fit. All of this can be a task we all endure with denim. Getting the right size of jeans can often be irritating, especially when some brands follow different measures or the fabric. Jeans to flatter your figure will always be a priority. Jeans that will flatter your glutes and give it a perkier look are smaller pockets, pockets that don’t have the bottom part of the pocket going past the thigh.

If you are obsessed with having the perfect fit and conscious of how your jeans look, you can try out these different styles to create your ultimate denim look.

Straight leg

These are the cut I find to be the easiest fit. They can be relaxed on some but skinny on others. They tend to structure your look and flatter your body when worn fitted. Buying a perfect length of straight denim matters. The wrinkled ankle will give somewhat of an illusion of reducing the overall height of an individual.

Make sure they are not too tight around the waist and below. They need to be a perfect fit to achieve the perfect straight leg fit. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing skinny typed of jeans then opt for a straight leg of jeans. When worn with heels they will still give the illusion of super long legs as well.


Skinny fit jeans are very versatile and could work for anybody’s shape as long as they are measured right. If you are slim then you have no problem rocking a great pair of skinny, they work if you are tall or petite, with heels or with flats and are perfect for tucking into boots. Unlike the other fits, these do not always need a scrunch. But they should cover your ankles. Also, you should not get jeans so tight that you are bulging out of the top of your jeans and unable to move in them. You probably want to wear a longish floaty tunic over your skinny and a good pair of boots as well. You still get the sexy fit of skinny jeans but it’s balanced out with the longer relaxed shirt and boots.

Wide Leg Jean

These jeans elongate the legs. They fit balanced on the waist and can be paired with good belts to accentuate the look. This fit should not suffocate the thigh because they do flare out, they should be comfortable but still fitted. The length should be long enough to cover the shoe but not drag on the floor-length. They are great for balancing out larger hips and giving you a great silhouette. Boot cuts are made by almost every single brand out there. The wide-leg jean is available in so many different shapes, washes and styles. Pair your wides with a long tee or flowy blouse along with a great pair of clogs. It’s safe to say that women will be relieved to hear they can put their skinnies on hold for a while. Just in time for laid back strolls in the spring, these delicious pieces of denim have already proven to be a hit.

Black Biker Jeans

The colour black is timeless and classy. The jeans' versatility is all you need to lift any fashion look you wear. The dark colour is great at slimming your figure. That being said, the edgy nature of the style can be toned down to a more relaxed look by choosing a pair that's not so skinny. On the other hand, super-skinny black jeans can accentuate the edgy pattern and turn heads. A tank top, slip top or plain white tee just sit elegantly on these jeans.

While being overall slick and edgy, these jeans can still be used for a variety of occasions. The stitching patterns and the use of fine lines can bring a sense of respected high-formal fashion similar to the fine lines used in traditional dress shirts. At the same time, a more unrefined and rugged look can be boosted with rips and tears.

Distressed Jeans

Distressed denim has all but lost its punk references and is now simply a fashion statement, especially now that you can find branded jeans designed with a distressed pattern and worn-out appearance. Going for a contrast pairing works well with these jeans. A neatly tailored full sleeve shirt with a belt, or polo shirt with blazers and distressed light blue jeans makes you look savvy and chilled. The look is convertible to carry out, both classy and relaxed at the same time.


You can always obsess over jeans. Finding out new jeans, obsessing over the perfect fit and gaining more and more knowledge about which jeans fit best for the body, will always be a favourite trial game while shopping. A single pair of jeans can blend well with a wide variety of outfits. There's also a wide variety of jeans to select from. From skinny light blue jeans to black rugged jeans, there's a perfect pair out there for everyone. The only thing left to wonder is how to style a pair of jeans, and where to flaunt them.