4 Must-Have Fashion Styles For This Summer Season: Featuring Antony Morato

4 Must-Have Fashion Styles For This Summer Season: Featuring Antony Morato

 Summer is blooming and the prominence of clear skies and exhilarating drinks could be a good reason to revamp your wardrobe this summer. Summers are the best time to experiment with varied colors and fabrics. While summer fashion tends to be minimal you can still choose it to be chic.

Although summer brings with it livelihood, we cannot forget the scorching heat and unbearable temperatures that come along. You can always go for breathable fabrics to make your summer fashion stylish and comfortable.

We have listed down a range of stylish yet comfortable outfits for you to own this summer season. The proposal that we have listed down are from some of the premium brands like Gant, Antony Morato, True Religion, Bugatti, and Lindbergh. You can scroll through their collection on the Iconic India website which is a home for luxury brands in India.


Whether you are going for a social gathering or office, a crisp formal shirt could be a gamechanger. They can be styled in different manners depending upon the occasion.

Shirts can stand out in both casual and formal looks.

This button-down floral print poplin shirt by Bugatti can be a good match for an airy and standout look. You can pair this T-shirt either with formal pants or can pull your favorite pair of jeans. The floral print gives a perfectly summery vibe without comprising comfort. The shirt comes with a button placket with two-button cuffs.

You can always ace layering in summers with this casual half sleeve shirt from Bugatti with a pair of T-shirts. The summer heat can be beaten with this perfectly crafted cotton blend linen shirt. The shirt comes with a lapel collar that adds a cherry to the cake.


Isn't it a surprise that we all love T-shirts? Some of our preferred looks can be paired in summers. Now that you don't have to pile yourself in different layers of clothing and can bear little skin, this can be the perfect time to pull a pair of T-shirts.

Be it casual or a beach day, you can never go wrong with T-shirts. T-shirts are truly a gem that can be added to your wardrobe.

Polo T-shirts have a unique feature in themselves. They not elevate your look with their rich and elegant design but also adds lavishness to your personality. They fluently radiate positive energy and enchanters the whole mood of the person, thus making them fanciful!

Apart from their unique design, they are also known for their exceptional breathing material. You can wear them for a casual brunch or on a picnic with your friends.

If bright shade is your go-to choice, then you can choose this blazing green regular fit polo T-shirt from Gant. The logo at the chest adds a charming look, keeping the casual vibe. The slits on the side nurture the whole look. Beautiful T-shirts can upraise your whole casual vibe to the next level.

For a beachy look, you can get your hands on this slim-fit crew neck T-shirt from Antony Morato. This perfectly crafted silhouette with a lively contrast can become your best friend this summer.

If you are someone who wants to experiment with bold prints and logos then this brown Buddha-Logo T-shirt from the True Religion will certainly fit your wardrobe. You can style this with a pair of jeans or cargo pants for a neutral look.


No matter what, one cannot just put away their pair of jeans. Although slim-fit jeans may not be favorable in summers, we have intricated relaxed fit, breathable materials that you can pull on this summer.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a task. Lindbergh offers a great option in indigo color. The jeans come with a loose-fit breathable fabric which makes them a win-win choice for summers.

If you are on the search for slim-fit flex jeans which are stylish yet can bear summer temperatures then you can turn down your hands on with slim-fit jeans by Lindbergh in faded original blue color. If you do not encourage a loose fit then we recommended you to grab this pair of jeans without blinking your eyes.

Trouser and Shorts

Depending on the occasion, you can choose bottom wear. Trousers and shorts can be the best option for maximizing comfort. You can effortlessly grab a pair of trousers to give a minimal summery look. Shorts can be blooming apparel that can completely beat the heat thereby allowing the body to relax the most, yet maintaining the casual look.

You can slip in the faded denim shorts by Lindbergh to bring yourself into the limelight. The rolled hem shorts comes with a pocket on the side and back making them Superflex and comfy. You can pair the shorts with a pair of Oversized T-shirts or a crew neck T-shirt and you are ready to rock this summer.

If you are someone who doesn't bear skin then you can grab navy slim-fit trousers from Lindbergh which is a combination of etiquette and style. This pair of trousers can be paired with a neutral shirt for a more formal look. The attire is made up of recycled polyester which makes it Eco-friendly.


This summer is on the verge of collectively showcasing and glam up your style with these luxury brands that add richness to your personality. Beat the heat while maintaining your style with curated garments that we recommend to you. When it comes to attire, always choose from the creamy layer. Luxurious brands can alter the whole clothing experience for you.

Brands like Grant, Lindberg, Bugatti, True Religion, and Antony Morato are some of the renowned brands that can be found on the Iconic India website. With premium options available on one site can reduce the hub-hub that goes while searching varied things online.

Shopping should bring a sense of tranquillity to your mind where you can dive into the horizons of fashion.