10 items to add to your wishlist this spring

10 items to add to your wishlist this spring

 Spring-summer collections are the one thing that everyone in the fashion world is looking forward to every year. It is the peak of the fashion industry's financial year - both sales-wise and creativity-wise. Every year, it is the time period when the designers are having a field day with their creations, collections, and shows.

This is the time when you will encounter the cream of the crop. Waiting for it is worth it, no matter who you are and what your preferences are. The anticipation is obviously well worth it. Spring has the regency status when it comes to the seasons and when it comes to designer collections. The message that "spring" conveys and has conveyed throughout history and culture is - blooming freedom and youth, opposed to cognitive function ( the theme particularly associated with winters ).


The spring theme is known as something else that strives through experimentation and lightness. The colors are bright and bold, the patterns are fleeting and flowing, and the designs are airy.

Fashion is an art form to express and reflect on your sense of self. Therefore, during the springtime, the motive is to express yourself in terms of cheerful and transitional colors and styles. It is also representative of the first season of the day and the symbolic new beginning of your year ( probably life).

Fashion through any season depends on a few staples or statement pieces. There are a few clothing items for each phase in the year that you must have and wear as standalone and indifferent amalgamations. These items from luxury fashion come with a purpose and that is to brighten up your wardrobe.

Here are the 10 items you need to have in your closet this spring.


This falls into the category of staples. There's nothing more 'staple' than polos. They might give you the impression that they are meant only for 30 something business people playing golf on a Sunday, but they are not just limited to that audience.


They can be worn and styled in so many chic and young ways. Polos are essential in every sense, and the fact that all of it comes together so well makes them one of the must-have basics to be added to your fashion wishlist.

Polos like black one can be layered in so many ways or worn as a standalone piece, too, given that black is such a classic color. So is navy blue polo. They are pieces that are clean, understated, yet so impactful when it comes to their overall visual effect.

Crew/Round Neck Dresses

Dresses are the equivalent of fluid when it comes to luxury fashion items. They can flow and take the shape of whatever form it is they need to take the shape of. They are ideal for any time, anywhere, doing anything. The reason is their one-piece approach. This carries onto spring as well because dresses happen to be very spring-savy in certain types and forms.

Sundresses are overused and kind of annoying when all you see around you during spring is nothing but cute little Lolita-style dresses. That's why the new it girl for spring is crew or round neck dresses. They are simple in the way they are built but they manage to flatter every person that puts them on.

round-neck dress or crew neck one again deserves places on your luxury fashion wishlist this spring.


Now coming onto not just style, but function and style, you have to admit that there is no practical way of kicking offspring without having a good pair of shorts that do not make you look like Gloria from Madagascar.

Shorts are essentials, and you must pay prompt attention when you are getting a pair because they can very easily ruin any look if they are not flattering on you or if they are in general obnoxious.

Looks aside, shorts are one of the simplest ways of keeping yourself cool during these warm months by exposing about 50% of your body, that is - your legs.


A pair of denim shorts in a classic color like white denim shorts needs to be checked off of your fashion wishlist even before spring arrives.


While on the topic of pants, you need to have a pair of full-length pants as well. You simply cannot spend the entire spring-summer season in shorts. As idealistic as that would be, you need to have a pair of appropriate-length pants for situations where you have to appear formally.

Trousers are just not the way to go in these situations. The solution? Culottes. These are loose, full-length pants that are surprisingly considered high-fashion. Luxury fashion brands covet them, and so does the rest of the formal fashion industry. They also happen to be light and easy to wear and work in.

A pair of culottes will help you get through the season easily. 


A good pair of jeans will take you through just about anything, and no, that's not hyperbole. It's a true statement because a good pair of jeans gives you comfort and movement to get through any situation.

On top of that, denim always looks great, so you might be distressed, but at least you will be well dressed. Speaking of distressed, the type of denim known as distressed denim is also trendy during the spring-summer period.


However, they do tend to look a little too shabby and chaotic at times. The alternative to them would be a pair of light-wash denim that does not need to be ripped anywhere to give you the easygoing California beach look. 

Pair of  light blue double-stitched denim will knock your socks off with just how casual and Hollywood-y it looks.

Half Sleeve / Sleeveless Shirts

This one goes off without saying, you need to keep your torso cool, or else you will get sick due to overheating. This can be very easily achieved by wearing a sleeveless shirt which is why it deserves a high spot on your fashion wishlist.

A sleeveless shirt not only exposes your arms but always keeps a good amount of air circulating through your upper region by means of streamlining your body. Needless to say, it's a win-win situation with these because they also look fantastic. They can be sporty and athletic, or you can wear a full-length one and make it a formal look.

A sleeveless shirt is an excellent example of a formal kind of sleeveless shirt, and A cropped one again is an athletic type of piece.


Skirts were made for spring. If there is one item that can perfectly embody spring, it's skirts. They have the same vibrant, jubilant energy that spring as a season carries throughout the months. Therefore you have to add them to your fashion wishlist without any second thoughts.

Apart from being pretty and feminine, skirts also are great for ventilation and keeping you cool during these hot, humid months. And most importantly, they give your spirit the boost of youth that you will not get anywhere else.

You can either shop for pieces like peppy yellow skirt or go for something chic like denim skirt.


Sandals are very much needed this spring because they are the most basic and most functional of all the items mentioned here. They help keep your feet, which are essential for your locomotion, dry and comfortable.


This is not something you can achieve with even the priciest of shoes because of their constricting nature. Sandals, by default, eliminate the element of confinement by giving the top of your feet room to breathe.

A light blue sandals are easy to put on and easy to walk in.


Ballerinas or ballet flats made it to your fashion wishlist because, much like shorts, sandals too are part of an idealistic world and cannot be worn at all times.

That's where ballerinas come in and save the day. You can wear them to anything formal or otherwise and look less of a free spirit and more of a delicate soul.

A dark blue ballerina is great for this purpose.


Spring is not the time for you to carry around a heavy handbag which is why you need to invest in a backpack like white one and save yourself the trouble.


These items are all imperatives for a smooth, stylish spring this year. You can shop your fashion wishlist this spring on Iconic, which houses tens of luxury fashion brands in one place with quick access and a simple interface for all of your spring break dreams to come true at a few simple clicks.