“A girl can conquer the world in the right denim.” Isn’t that correct? We all overlook the importance of having a decent pair of jeans! The fitting jeans are not only your Savior, but they also fill you with confidence! Choosing the proper pair of jeans also involves certain dos and don’ts.

Let’s have a look at a new collection of Elle Jeans that are definite must-haves for your wardrobe, as well as a checklist of things to look for while selecting fitting jeans!

Things to Look for When Selecting a Jeans

  • The Fabric: Make sure the fabric is comfortable to wear, does not fade with washing, and can be paired with any type of bottom wear.
  • The Length: Choose the appropriate length of denim.
  • Fitting of the Jeans: Make sure the jeans you’re considering are correctly aligned with your body contour.
  • Choosing Classics: If you want jeans for every occasion and they can be worn with a variety of bottom wear. This is why, when it comes to prioritizing the vital, classics always win!

You don’t have to be concerned about these details while shopping for Elle Jeans! Let’s take a look at some Elle Jeans colors to liven up your regular outfits and freshen your wardrobe.

The Age of Indigo

Any shade of blue mixes up with any pattern or color of the blouse. The shades of blue are perfect and lifesavers for any and every occasion. But we often get tired of wearing the same shades of blue. Don’t we? Here are some unique shades from the catalog of blue featuring Elle Jeans!

Boot Cuts

Elle Blue Solid Regular Fit Jeans
Blue Solid Regular Fit Jeans

Elle Jeans’ boot cut, light indigo tint is a color for every mood! This comfortable denim is available in all sizes and can be combined with any design of top wear. When worn with shirts or tees, it creates a casual or party style. When matched with neutral-colored shirts, they can live up to your semi-formal expectations. Because it is made of cotton and spandex, you will be very comfy while wearing it. It is washable and will not lose quality or shrink after washing. The denim would also fit you well.

You can pair these light Indigo jeans with Elle’s Top to create a cute, casual look! 

Relaxed Fit

Elle Indigo Relaxed Fit Jeans
Indigo Relaxed Fit Jeans

This Elle Jean in the shade of Indigo is a Relaxed-fit kind of jeans. It is absolutely a love at first sight for those of you who desire absolute comfort from a pair of jeans. It is something you must own! PERIOD. The fabric is stretchable and breathable. It won’t lose its quality after washing. This shade and design of Elle Jeans would provide you with an everyday casual look. When you pair it up with Elle’s Multi Solid Regular Fit T-shirt and you can get your Chic Casual look.

Solid Straight Fit

Elle Indigo Solid Straight Fit Jeans
Indigo Solid Straight Fit Jeans

Looking for straight fits? Check out this one! It absolutely made me fall in love with it. Reason being that it’s a straight fit. We can wear straight fits to university, to casual outings with friends, and even to the office. It’s like in a week, you can wear straight fits for 3-4 days without ever getting bored. Try experimenting with straight fits- I’m sure the result would live up to your expectations. 

These jeans from the catalog of Elle Jeans are Solid straight Fit jeans of Indigo shade. The fitting of these jeans is absolutely to go in awe of them. You can pair it up with Elle’s White Solid Round Neck Top to create a casual outing look or an elegant look for your uni. If you pair it up with Elle’s Red Solid Notched Lapel Top– get ready to have all eyes on you at a party!  

The Reign of Black & Grey

Black and Grey are like those classic songs. These shades are like fine wine- they grow better with age! These shades never go out of style and they never will. How about some patterns of Elle Jeans in the shades of Black and Grey? These are some of my personal favorites too, btw!

Boot Cuts in Black

Elle Black Solid Relaxed Fit Jeans
Black Solid Relaxed Fit Jeans

These Black Solid Relaxed Fit Jeans from Elle are boot-cut design jeans. It is made up of stretchable and washable fabric, providing you with a really good fitting. Plus point: It is available in every size! Check it out now! Also, since it is black, it is our best buddy! Indeed it is a wardrobe essential. You can pair it up with any light shade of top-wear or could even pair it up with a darker color blouse. It would give a stunning look to you in either of the cases. 

Looking for a semiformal or casual look that is really cute? Then pair these boot-cut jeans with Elle’s White Solid Round Neck Embroidery Top. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Want a party look or something for your date night? Check out this sweetheart neck top of Elle. Pair your boot-cut jeans with Elle’s Red Solid Sweetheart Neck Top.

Regular Fit in Black

Elle Black Solid Regular Fit Jeans
Black Solid Regular Fit Jeans

Need something for everyday wear? Check out these Black Solid Regular Fit Jeans from Elle. Perfect for your party, office, casual, semi-formal whatever occasion you mention. This is very simple denim and is kind of like the vanilla flavor of shade black. When you feel like you don’t want to stress out thinking about what jeans to pair or which one would blend better with your blouse- go for this Black Regular Fit from Elle.

Elle’s Lilac Solid Halter Neck T-Shirt if paired with this regular fit jeans would create a really bomb look for you! You can also check out Elle’s Coral Solid V-Neck T-Shirt. It’d go really well with these jeans.

Relaxed Fit in Grey

Elle Grey Solid Relaxed Fit Jeans
Grey Solid Relaxed Fit Jeans

One word description for these pair of jeans: STUNNING! This pair of jeans from Elle is a Grey Colored Solid Relaxed Fit Jeans. But this shade is a new shade of grey. I bet you might not be having this exact shade in this fabric in your wardrobe. Add it now! If you’re tired of wearing simple black shades and also tired of the same shades of grey. This shade might just refresh your style. 

If you need to create a real sass look, I got you covered! Pair these Elle Jeans with Elle’s White Striped Polo Top. You’d look really stunning! 

How about a Beige?

Elle Beige Solid Regular Fit Jeans
Beige Solid Regular Fit Jeans

Need some Beige? Beige is a shade that might not go with every top or tee that you own. But when you pair it up with a dark shade, it would really liven up your look! These Elle Jeans in Beige hues is a Regular Fit Jeans. The perfect shade for your office wear look or for your party looks too [psst- don’t forget to pair it with the right shade or you might mess up!] 

This Beige-colored Jeans if paired up with Elle’s Red Striped Off Shoulder Top would provide you with a really fun and unique look. With Beige you could also wear shades like Lilac, it would really blend well. Check out this Lilac Solid Squared Neck Top from Elle. It would look great with the pair of these beige regular-fit jeans.

Need Some White 

You didn’t think I’d end this blog without mentioning the shade white! Well, we all need a pair of white jeans in our wardrobe, don’t we? This pair of jeans from Elle is a really classy pair of jeans to own! 

Elle White Solid Flared Jeans
White Solid Flared Jeans

These White Solid Flared Jeans from Elle are new in town. You really should grab them now. They would be perfect for casual wear. These wide-leg denim jeans are really comfy to wear and a blessing to have. 
You can pair them up with Elle’s Black Solid Round Neck Top to create a really cool party look! If you want you could also pair these up with Elle’s Blue Solid V Neck Top to give you a unique casual look or a perfect look for your date night.