When it comes to their little ones, parents are always very careful and particular about the quality of the clothes they buy. Kids being kids, they are curious free-spirits, making it incredibly important that their clothes are of good quality and durable, along with being extremely cute!

Another really important factor to keep in mind while buying children’s clothing is that the fabric and the dyes it contains are all safe for the child’s skin. Most supermarket brands don’t focus on this factor and end up making clothes in the cheapest, most unsustainable manner possible. Thus, it is crucial which brand you go for while picking out clothes for your tiny tots.

Blue Giraffe and Elle Kids are brands you can trust with delivering the desired quality and fashion you wish for your children! Choose from their wide range of dresses, tops, t-shirts, jackets, shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, sweaters, jeans, and jumpsuits.

This month marks the onset of spring, which means the weather is getting more pleasant by the day, leaving behind the winter months! Here we are once again with our rundown of the top fashion products for girls, available on the Iconic website.


It’s time for your little girl to rock her favorite cute dresses once again and enjoy the wonderful weather!

For a simple and sweet look, we highly recommend this blue dress from Blue Giraffe for your little one. The puffed sleeves add a ton of cuteness to the dress.

For a more contemporary look, we recommend this V-neck dress by Elle Kids. The pastel blue and pink color blocking look highly modern.

If you want to go for a pretty dress for special occasions like birthday parties and picnics, then you can opt for this incredibly chic printed dress by Elle Kids! The floral and fruity pattern is amazing on this one.

If you wish to go for a dress with a more sporty look, go for this round-neck shirt-style dress from Blue Giraffe.


Girls tops from Elle Kids and Blue Giraffe are available in many beautiful patterns and fits, keeping up with the latest trends in the fashion world. You can check out their widest range on Iconic India! We would recommend the following tips for you to choose from to add to your girlie’s wardrobe.

This white print round neck top from Elle Kids is a really cute outfit option. This baby blue top by Elle Kids is a similar one to it. The lace detailing and frills add a ton of charm to the look!

From Blue Giraffe, we recommend this striped round neck top for girls. It is made of 100% cotton, so be assured of maximum comfort.

This poncho-style red top from Blue Giraffe is also extremely chic! The floral pattern makes it perfect for Spring.

If you are looking for a sleeveless option to be layered or even worn on its own, do not miss out on this super adorable red top from Elle Kids!


T-Shirts are super cute and functional options for the spring season! Your child can wear one out while going out to play too! Choose from the choicest patterns and colors!

This white round-neck t-shirt from Elle Kids is a simple yet pretty option for your child. There is lace trim on the bottom to add extra sweetness.

This yellow t-shirt again from Elle Kids is also a great choice. It has a floral pattern too!

Also check out this navy blue shirt from Blue Giraffe, with a cute polka dot pattern.

Another shirt from Blue Giraffe which you can go for is this yellow polo t-shirt, with a giraffe embroidered on the left side!

Shorts And Skirts

Skirts and shorts are back again, and you can browse through our recommendations to find the perfect outfit for your child. Both shorts and skirts are quite versatile and of many different types.

 This striped skirt from Blue Giraffe is extremely contemporary, so do give it a go! This pink skirt from Elle Kids is also worth checking out!

This tartan patterned skirt from Elle Kids is also a good option.

Among shorts, you can go for the following options. These striped shorts from Elle Kids are a good option. If you want to go for color blocking, check out these shorts from Elle Kids.

Among denim shorts, we recommend this one from Elle Kids and this one from Blue Giraffe.


You can pair the ideal pair of trousers with the top, sweater, or sweatshirt of your choice. Whether it be jeans or track pants, here are a few of our favorites you can browse through.

This lilac-colored regular fit trouser from Elle Kids is absolutely darling! Elle Kids also offers similar trousers in white, blue, and pink, so go check it out!

In comfort wear, you can opt for this yellow relaxed fit trouser by Elle Kids. It also has a cute bow at the front!

If you are looking for denim jeans, you can go for these blue skinny jeans from Blue Giraffe.


If you live somewhere where winter has not completely retreated, don’t fret! Here is a range of jackets we recommend for you to layer on to lighter clothing.

Jackets of various types are available on Iconic India, from cotton and denim to other warmer options.

For really cold days, you can opt for this pink gradient jacket from Elle Kids. It is also available in other color options like solid blue, white, black, and red.

From Blue Giraffe, you can buy these amazing Disney Pink Jacket for Girls, which feature princesses! Your child is bound to love this one!

If you wish to buy a denim jacket, you can choose this jacket from Blue Giraffe for your child. It has pretty floral patterns on the sleeves and shoulders!


Sweatshirts are an amazing option to be worn especially during a time when the weather is transitioning from cold to warm. This will ensure your child is protected against the elements, and at the same time, she does not get overheated.

Here are some of the best options among sweatshirts available from Elle Kids and Blue Giraffe.

Blue Giraffe offers a great range of Disney princess sweatshirts. You can choose from the Cinderella, Minnie Mouse, and Snow White sweatshirts.

You can check this peach sweatshirt from Elle Kids. There is also a similar mint green option.


We reiterate the fact that if you live in a place with a cooler climate, it is really important to keep your child warm enough. Thus, sweaters can be quite a functional option, and you can find some really cute ones on Iconic India.

Check out this solid red sweater from Blue Giraffe. This multi-coloured hoodie sweater from Blue Giraffe is also a great option.

This black sweater from Elle Kids is an extremely chic option! The sleeves are quite the statement, making it stand out despite the solid color.

Another one you can check out is this beige round-neck sweater from Elle Kids.

Jumpsuits and Playsuits

Jumpsuits are reminiscent of the early part of the 20th century, where they were used as uniforms in factory floors and workhouses by men and women alike. Nowadays, they are the perfect fit if you wish to go for an easy, functional outfit for the day. They are also super comfortable for your child along with being extremely stylish.

Among full-length jumpsuits, you can check out this pretty jumpsuit from Elle Kids!

Blue Giraffe offers this turquoise jumpsuit, which you should go for.

If you wish to buy shorter options in jumpsuits, we’ve got that covered too! Check out this red jumpsuit by Blue Giraffe. There are many more great alternatives to choose from on the Iconic website too!

On An Ending Note

When it comes to children’s clothing, never settle for less or compromise. Always choose from the cream of the crop, and opting for luxury brands ensures that you buy the most exclusive options available.

Brands like Blue Giraffe and Elle Kids are extremely cost-efficient considering how long their clothes last. They come out with new and trendy clothes every season for you to choose from!

Both these brands are well-established industry pioneers and provide unmatched quality and elegance. Your child will also feel the difference in wearing clothes from such amazing brands!

Shopping online adds to the comfort of shopping. Iconic India features more than 130 brands, most of which are International high-fashion brands. Apart from kidswear, you can also check out their range of women’s and men’s clothes, bags, shoes, and other accessories.

You can choose from the wide range of trendy designer wear we have recommended and add them to your wardrobe. All of these, and more, are available on Iconic India for you to choose from! Check out Iconic’s website and expand your fashion horizons!

Happy Shopping!