The world of men’s clothing is very confined compared to the vast and diverse world of fashion on a whole and when compared to the realm of women’s clothing. This is attributed to the fact that clothing, accessories, and footwear – are all things that are meant as fashion and beautification of the subject, which in this case is women. This has been an age-old practice.

Women have always been the topic of everyone’s attention and objectified to the point that they are nothing beyond the eye candy. Rooted deeply in our psyche and society, this is the peak of what we call patriarchy.

Patriarchy is defined as a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. “the dominant ideology of patriarchy” is further manifested in the form of what is now known as “toxic masculinity”.

In social sciences, it is defined as – traditional cultural masculine norms that can be harmful to men, women, and society overall; this concept of toxic masculinity does not condemn men or male   but rather emphasizes the harmful effects of conformity to certain traditional masculine ideals. These ideals believe that men should stick to the traditional masculine traits and stay away from anything assigned to be inherently feminine by the patriarchal system.

One of these things happens to be fashion, which is why men’s clothing has always been such a narrow subcategory. Mostly, it served the purpose of providing clothes for men that are solely functional and nothing else. The menswear section has always been dull. Thankfully for the feminist movements, this no longer remains the case.

Men’s clothing is now much broader in terms of styles, colors, patterns, and all other aspects of clothing. It may still not be as broad as female fashion, but it’s much better than what we used to have throughout history. Designers and consumers alike have realized that they need more than a few colors and a handful of designs to express themselves. 

This has not only been a game-changer in the realm of runway fashion, but also something as simple as day-to-day clothing. Men’s casual clothing has more room for men to look and feel great without any special occasions.

That’s why we have compiled this list of ways how to take men’s casual clothing to another level.

Tees do not have to be boring

Let’s start with the most basic of things – t-shirts. Tees are the first step to casual dressing for men and probably the most important of them all because it’s what they reach out for the most. They are easy to wear and easy to maintain, so naturally, they are very popular.

A t-shirt can be paired up with several items and can be paired well. It does not look like an item that’s as simple as it is. However, men’s apparel collections usually do not offer many exciting options and due to that kind of conditioning, men tend to go for tees that are not exciting even when given the means to get one.

The smallest of steps in the right direction would be to spice up your t-shirt game. For this, you need to buy more than just basic t-shirts. Go for graphic printed ones or brand logos. A graphic brand logo t-shirt like this one from Lindbergh is the perfect example and something you should take into consideration.

Another good example is polo shirts. They are both casual and classy. You cannot possibly go wrong with them. Incest in a polo shirt like this solid blue one from Antony Morato or this olive drab one from Lindbergh and it could be your signature shirt.

Pay more attention to the bottoms

Just because your bottoms are not the focal point of your outfit, it does not mean that you should forgo paying them any attention. They are the foundation on which your outfit is standing, they should therefore be solid, metaphorically speaking of course. Pick your bottoms with this fact in mind and buy the kind of bottoms that are casual but will pair up with several tops.

The first casual staple when it comes to men’s clothing is jeans. Jeans are extremely important to the casual section of your wardrobe because they are functional yet look good effortlessly. For this matter, you need to venture out of the comfort zone of just light/dark wash blue denim. Try some funky colors, try patterns. If you’re not comfortable with that, take baby steps, and try something like this gradient blue double-stitched denim by True Religion.

Trousers have a reputation for being boring and formal. But that’s not it, they can be very well a staple item in casual clothing for men. They can be playful too if you have an eye for exciting bottoms. Trousers can add so much more to your look than you possibly could imagine.

A pair of brightly colored trousers or even light neutral colors like these cream trousers from the house of Gant can be the perfect piece to not only amp up your look but also be a conversation starter. Or if you’re feeling bold and want something more dramatic, these bright electric blue trousers from Antony Morato could be your pair.

Footwear can take you on the right path

Mind you, footwear may not be the first thing you consider while putting together an outfit but it should be. Why? Well, because they are not just there to cover your feet. They are so much more than that, especially if you consider their visual contribution. They can very easily bring your outfit together or take it to another level.

Casual outfits tend to be light on the visuals and that’s why working with them is difficult but remember that casual shoes are a category of their own and when used right, they can make you look polished even if you’re in a casual setting.  Without being overdressed, casual men’s clothing can be elevated with a good pair of shoes.

Sneakers are the perfect kind of shoe for this job. Although people are trying to make them something that can be worn as fancy footwear, they were originally brought into the market for casual wear and they still are the best type for this purpose. You can wear them with any kind of bottom. They are also super functional and comfortable. Investing in a pair of sneakers that is casually light but at the same time interesting like this green pair of sneakers from Bugatti, is a good way to spend your money. If you want a dark-colored pair of sneakers that will blend in more than stand out then this navy blue pair from Bugatti is the one for your needs.

Another great type of shoe is loafers. They are so effortlessly stylish and chic. They are classy and yet so easy to put on. This makes them highly coveted in the realm of men’s fashion. A good pair of loafers in a color like tan or deep brown exudes class. Putting them on and taking them off is also super easy which makes them perfect for when you want to switch between wearing shoes and going barefoot. A pair like these cognac loafers from Bugatti is ideal for this purpose. Once you get used to them, there’s no going back.

One more great kind of shoe that gets benched as the formal only kind of boots. This is only true if you’re from the 1920s. They can be easily paired up with a number of casual men’s clothing outfits. A pair of boots like these black ones from Bugatti is great for keeping it simple but tasteful. The added benefit of them switching up to be formal shoes with something as simple as socks is also great.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to menswear, it is nearly impossible to get it right every time. Narrow it down to something like casual clothing and that’s an even tougher fish to fry. This makes men just shop for comfort, not style. If you have a high chance of failure then why even try, right? Not quite. With this guide, you took a peek into the possibilities when it comes to men’s style, casual version. This further brings us to the fact that if you have the right guidance and the right means, you can do anything.

This guide works as guidance and Iconic India provides you with the means with their extensively detailed men’s clothing collection. They have brands like Antony Morato, Gant, Lindbergh, True Religion, and many more all under one roof. They deliver these high-quality items right at your doorstep without a hitch. The first step might be small, but with passing time, you can build up both the courage and the wardrobe to be bold and take your casual dressing to a level that resembles that of celebrities.