There is a saying that goes “ Shoes can make or break an outfit ”, which is quite frankly, very true. Still, people usually ignore this aspect of their outfit thoroughly and skip paying attention to what exactly is going to be on their feet. It is not the ideal situation but usually, people do not care about it because they deem it impractical. The common notion on this topic is that shoes do not matter as much as the rest of the outfit and that’s why you can make do with one universal pair.

Another popular notion is that they should be comfortable and thus you should find a good pair of super comfortable shoes and force them onto every outfit combination. Other than being a fashion blasphemy, it is also impractical because no matter how comfortable a pair of shoes is, it is not comfortable in every scenario and every occasion.

The answer to this dilemma is to find a kind of shoe that requires minimal effort on your part, is easy to fit with most outfits in its variations, and also looks good. There is no better candidate for these criteria than sandals. They come in so many different types and are easy to bear even for a whole day.

Here are a few of them that will make you look better in your casual dressing just with one simple step:


The name of these sandals is derived from the words “flat” and “platforms” because they have both of these qualities. They take the platforms that we usually see in heels and combine them with a much more comfortable, practical flat sole. This makes the sandal wearable and comfortable. The upside to using this for coming up with casual looks with sandals? The added height without putting on heels. It is literally like standing on a platform but you take the platform everywhere. With the added bonus of not contorting your foot into uncomfortable and unhealthy positions.

To wear these super-dependable ambiguous flatforms and create multiple casual looks with sandals, you need a pair in a color that you will not mind getting dirty on a day-to-day basis. This is the kind of pair that you put on with your everyday-casual clothes. It will take your oversized sweater and joggers look up a notch by creating a longer silhouette.

This is also a sandal that will work perfectly with clothing that falls down to your ankles, like a long skirt or a maxi dress. This is the best everyday item for people who have short legs and want to create the illusion of more height.


Yet another type of sandal that uses the best traits of platforms and makes it more accessible to you without the pain that platform heels always come with. Except, unlike flatforms, the sole is not completely flat. It is flat on the bottom but has a streamlined shape where the foot meets the sole to provide a better fit for your foot.

The fact that it looks way more stylish than flatforms’ casual look works in its favor of making it more suited for going out as well.

A fancy yet casual look with sandals that can be accomplished with this particular kind of sandals – a sundress and some light jewelry. The perfect vacation-ready, laid-back look to end the weekend. You can also pair them up with shorts and a tank top during the summer. The top of the sandals can vary with detailing and this can very take your casual looks to a much higher level.

If you want to wear them to work and have a professional yet casual look, you can pair them with a jumpsuit to get an easy ten-on-ten outfit. Wedges are easy to walk in, so unlike the typical heels, you will not require a week of practice to be able to carry on your daily tasks with them.


The most interesting part about this piece of footwear is the history related to it. They are called gladiators because they were worn by literal gladiators in ancient Greece. The Greeks fashioned this from straps of leather to hold the leather sole firm against the foot of the warriors while they fought in the colosseums.

The principle behind the sandals was to provide protection against the elements, only to the sole of the warriors while allowing them to move their feet in the best way to support their fighting skills without many restrictions. It was a way of letting them reach their full potential.

Not only does it look cool, but it is a connection to the warriors that walked the earth thousands of years ago. They can be easily paired with a number of clothing items like skirts. An ideal outfit would be a mini skirt with a puffed sleeve blouse with dainty jewelry and it is a chic yet casual look. Gladiators are super friendly while walking despite the flimsy-looking design, and they give you an effortlessly clean look. The only con with this is that it is akin to walking barefoot.

Ankle Strap Sandals

The feeling of being barefoot is highly coveted by humans in general. But the fact that we have to brave the elements does not make it a good option unless you are walking on dewy grass in the morning. The point is that we need this feeling, but we cannot have it authentically, at least not all the time. So we decided we will find ways to emulate it. There have been many valiant efforts at this. Some failed horribly – stick on soles, some soared high – sneakers, flip flops.

When it comes to sandals though, the best one is ankle strap sandals

The feeling you get with flat-soled ankle straps is extremely close to being barefoot. It also helps that the top part of the footwear is open to the breeze on your skin and makes you forget you even have anything on. The casual looks with sandals of this particular kind are endless because they work with everything. T-shirt and jeans look whole new with a nice pair of ankle-strap sandals.

A skater dress and ankle strap sandals are the kinds of casual outfits that you would see a rom-com movie’s female lead wear and look effortless. It adds a layer of femininity to any outfit without being too girly.

Ballet Flats

If we have to pick footwear that is the most delicate, looks gorgeous, and is still surprisingly functional, it will be ballerinas or ballet flats. The design of these is made to cover the whole foot and leave only a portion of the top uncovered. That gives them a look that is very pleasing to the eye and is not overwhelming. They beat shoes by a large margin because all of your foot is granted protection yet your skin can still breathe, preventing the soggy, sweaty feeling that is just unsavory.

They were originally made for ballerinas, as the name suggests, and had the purpose of preventing chafing as they glided across the dance floor. They were made to fit the contours of the foot in a way that would leave the ballerinas still ample grip on the floor with their feet.

They are still worn by them, and a slightly modified version is available to the public. These are great for all occasions. One of the most popular casual looks with sandals or ballet flats, whatever you may call them, is the dresses with a flowy fabric paired with these. It is as graceful as they come. However, ballerinas are great for substituting heels if you do not want to torture your feet but also do not want to look like you do not understand what goes with what.

As a final word

The casual looks with sandals are a one-way ticket to reviving your dead wardrobe if you do not want to change all of it. That would be extremely impractical and thus adding to your wardrobe with the best in class sandals that you can easily shop on Iconic is a much more practical and wasteless solution. Reinventing yourself does not need to be something drastic. You can start with small things like a revamped footwear collection and see just how much you can accomplish with your pre-existing wardrobe articles.

When a site like Iconic is offering you so many options and is available so easy to browse through whenever you have the time, there is no reason to hesitate. Take one small step towards your dream wardrobe and change the way you dress in a manner that will be positively noticeable. People underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes and thus do not utilize what could be the best weapon in anyone’s arsenal when it comes to dressing. Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to get a better sense of using sandals correctly and to their fullest.