The onslaught of winter has brought about the layering up of clothes in order to stay warm. A sudden temperature drop brought about this year due to climate change has been affecting people all around the one that has made everyone run after that warmth, even if it is just a few degrees. The cities not very used to this cold weather have been struggling with coping with the turnabout from the regular.

The ideal scenario for everyone would be to stay inside, within the warmth of their homes, in their beds, bundled up in warm and cozy blankets.

However amazing that might sound, it is simply not possible due to the fact that it is impractical and because most of our lives involve jobs that cannot be done while you are still at home.

The past two years saw the peak of a pandemic that forced all of us to stay home, confined even against our wills. Now that the worst of the storm has passed, many if not all establishments, organizations, institutions, and places are opening up.

People are required to go out even if they do not want to, ironically enough. This means that we all will have to brave the weather, which is the worst of its kind now, and go out to get on with our lives.

Adults are working again, not from home, but from their respective workstations. Children are out to go back to in-class education. In this scenario, the requirements extend beyond just protection against the virus but also against the elements. The tried and tested method to deal with this dilemma is to wear weatherproof, multiple layers of clothing to keep in the heat emanating from your body.

The warm first or second layer plays a big role but the most element is the topmost layer of clothing that you will put on. It will be your first line of defense against the cold weather.

If you take into account that some places might even get hail or snow, this just makes the upper layer that much more important for your well-being. Sturdiness and being impenetrable are some very relevant characteristics when contemplating this element of your attire.

Unfortunately, this all results in us picking function over fashion. We have to think of survival and functionality over looking good. Usually, sturdy articles of clothing do not offer much when it comes to looks or fashion. You will have to make that compromise and give up on your personal style. We’re living in the 21st century so shouldn’t we have functional attire that will also maintain the fashion department?

What if I tell you that it already exists but is rather overlooked? The item described here is none other than jackets. They have been overlooked largely due to the fact that people see them as accessories, as a secondary article to add to your outfit rather than something that you base your look on. Add into the mix the availability of the garment thanks to online shopping portals ( Iconic India, etc. ), and you have everything you want to be handed to you on a platter.

The key to utilizing the maximum potential of any jacket is to use it as the primary article of clothing. Base your look around the jacket and add the remaining items according to it. Match the accessories to the jacket and you will have a winter-ready look that will not be an eyesore.

Styling a jacket is no child’s play. If you style it wrong, you can end up looking like an idiot rather than fashion-forward and ready to complete whatever tasks are necessary throughout the day.

Here are some tips as well as 5 pre-curated trendy jacket styles to aid you in reaching the goal of practical attire that will not hinder you in the process of your daily tasks while still looking good enough to be on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Leather Jackets  

If you look at the history of humankind and the depictions in the media, the most famous kind of jacket is a leather jacket. Everyone from John Travolta to Shawn Mendes has worn a leather jacket at some point as a statement piece. The Senorita music video was the most-watched music video in 2019 with Shawn playing a trademark fickle, bad-boy character donning a leather jacket for a good chunk of the screen-time where it is the focal point of the look.

The look that black leather imparts to a jacket is a classic one but also rugged at the same time. Adding this to your wardrobe will without a doubt increase your cool quotient significantly. The power this single piece holds is tried and tested and at this point, it has been deemed a staple item, not just a trendy jacket.

Styling a leather jacket is slightly difficult but always worth it. You can pick a leather jacket that is rather simple, with minimalistic details, like this fur-collared leather jacket by Zoella, available on Iconic India. This kind of apparel can be paired with a number of items and most importantly it will always stand out. 

Wear this over a neutral turtleneck, paired with skinny jeans and some ankle boots and you will look like the mysterious side character straight out of a coming-of-age young adult novel.

Denim Jackets

Another should-be staple and a hit throughout every age and generation are – denim jackets. If we talk about the history of this garment, denim, as a fabric, was developed for construction workers working on sites with heavy dust residues and rough conditions. The practicality of this fabric and the usability it provides proved to be extremely fitting for day-to-day usage for people who are not performing heavy-duty labor.

Once the fabric was fashioned into pants and tried and tested by the consumers, the fashion industry took a keen liking to it and crafted other garments out of it like shirts, jackets, skirts, etc. The most liked one is the trendy jacket that has been adapted into various fashion fads over the course of multiple decades. The unique factor is the look that the acid wash gives and even if you forego the color and go for a black/white one, the texture is still commendably in demand.

It can be used in multiple kinds of weather, incorporated into multiple looks, and can be manufactured for all age groups upwards of 5. You can wear a light-washed one with almost any kind of attire.

For a denim jacket centered look, take an uncomplicated, clean jacket like the ones offered by Only that you can avail yourself on Iconic India, and layer it over a round neck t-shirt with skinny-fit pants and a pair of sneakers. 

Fur Jackets

The trademark of high-fashion celebrities and all those who possess money and power is fur. It subconsciously triggers a sense of superiority in the person looking at it. This can be attributed to history as fur was a moniker of the wealthy and high-status people. Fur, which was originally sourced solely from animals, was not something inexpensive.

Back in the day if you saw someone wearing fur, they probably belong to the class of people at the uppermost level of society. Just the price and availability of fur was not the appeal but also the look it imparts as a fabric. It’s rich and thick, lustrous, soft, and reflects light in different directions because of the hair growth. This texture makes for one trendy jacket worthy of the attention it always garners.

To achieve a look with a fur jacket, thankfully now you can buy a faux fur one from luxury brand hubs like Iconic India. Pair this up with a dark-colored dress and tights or stockings, depending on your preference and the weather, and finish this off with a pair of stilettos. This look is one for the books and not to be taken lightly. You can use this combination to turn heads at any nightly event.

A wrap jacket

One of the reasons that people deem weather-appropriate apparel not so fashion-forward in winters is the fact that they render the wearer shapeless. That is quite understandable considering that the number of layers that we wear during winters is anywhere from 2 to 4. The purpose of these layers is warmth and thus they are made from thick fabrics and materials.

You can remedy this with a thick, warm piece of clothing that is also capable of giving you a shape by defining your waist. The particular article described here is this trendy jacket with a belt at the waist that can be tied according to your comfort level. It will instantly give you structure at instant notice, dividing your torso and legs at your waist. The detailing on this is modest as well so you do not get an item that is in your face and cannot be paired with other things.

To style this jacket, you simply have to pick a shirt of your choice, preferably a light, muted color, and loose-fit trousers. The final piece to be added should be some brown or beige Oxfords and you are ready for a day out.

Patterned Jackets

This is a trend and a trademark in one that we can all thank the house of Versace for. The huge, bold, traditional-looking patterns they did with their shirts and jackets. That inspired a wave of patterns on jackets with each brand coming up with its own interpretation of visual-heavy, interesting to look at patterns on their outerwear.

There is so much in terms of patterns that you can pick up from without upsetting your sense of style or being overwhelmed. A patterned jacket is a trendy jacket, sure, but it can also be a regularly worn item.

How exactly? Well, a patterned item like the one linked above is set right in the middle of the visual scale and can be paired with both heavy and light items.  You can throw it on top of a casual t-shirt or wear it on top of a floral dress if you want a going-out look.

Here’s what to remember

The need to be presentable with a personal touch added to your appearance usually loses against the fact that we need to be functional members of society and thus wear functional clothes that give you protection and movement. The article of clothing we reviewed here will spare you the choice by doing both of those things so you will not be struggling with picking just one of them. Investing in a few trendy jackets might be a decision you covet in the future the more you wear them, which will be a lot.

There are a plethora of options for you to think about on Iconic that come from trustworthy, good quality brands and will last you a good while.