There has been a surge of trends this past year with the increase in regular interactions people have with social media and technology in general. This has ignited a spark of creativity when it comes to everything from clothes to food.

Social media sites saw a huge hike in user engagement as users not only used these sites as not just entertainment, but as a creative outlet, in all realms and forms of art. It showed us the supposedly jaded generation that everyone wrote off is much more than nihilistic humor and a lack of brain-to-mouth filter.

The current generation also has merits over all those who came before it  – a widespread affection for fashion, a deep hatred for capitalism, and a very good eye for DIY ( do it yourself ) things. These combined together with access to social media result in a lot of interesting fashion hacks, tips, and overall entirely new trends.

The comeback of one particular trend has pleased everyone all over the world and that is wearing dresses for every occasion.  Whether it is just putting on the dress, accessorizing it, or wearing it using one of the hacks on Instagram or TikTok.

First things first, let’s look at dresses that you can wear by yourself, with no added noise. Dresses as a garment are so versatile and effortless. There usually isn’t much to do when putting on a dress. The mechanics of putting on a standard dress can be described to a buffoon and rest assured he can master it.

Whether you are shopping for a dress at your local retailer or doing online dress shopping, it is one of the contributing factors to the whole process. So if you prioritize ease, then you have got to consider this as a one-off for, well, any and every occasion.

Let’s look at some of the simple to don styles that you can find on Iconic’s site that you can consider if online dress shopping is your objective. The theme here is dresses that will be an outfit on their own without anything else needed.

A-line Dresses

This type of dress ranks above any other because they flatter all body shapes. Inverted triangle, hourglass, pear, rectangular – all of them look great in this shape. Albeit looking different on each body type, it looks good in all cases.  The appeal here is the streamlined shape of the dress that draws the eyes of the onlooker. The A-line shape balances out all extremities really well.

Your best physical features are enhanced to add to your overall look meanwhile your out-of-balance features are hidden in a blended-out kind of way.  It does not seem unnatural at all and that is what makes them so desirable and easy to wear. It is an item that does not need any top-offs. It is very hard to go wrong with an A-line dress, which makes it a top contender for online dress shopping.

An A-line dress in a neutral/dark color is the ultimate wardrobe staple that can be used day-in, day-out without people noticing just how much you wear that one dress because the ultimate result is a great look. If you get a dress like this one,  you can wear it to a workday or a night out and it is bound to look like two different pieces of clothing. That is a sure-shot way of saving money and closet space both at once.

Maxi Dresses

One more type of dress that is universally flattering, easy to put on, and does not give you decision fatigue while online dress shopping. Maxi dresses, akin to A-line dresses, are flowy and streamlined. They hold less of a shape than A-line dresses but that does not mean they do not have any shape. They are either form-fitting or flowy at the top, and always flowy from the waist down. Usually ankle length, they can also be calf length. No matter the style they flatter all body types very well.

While online dress shopping, it is quite not possible to put on a dress and see if it looks good on you. There is a grey area where what you thought would look good and what would actually look good coincide. That is the realm where maxi dresses exist. You can rest assured, even when online dress shopping, that it will suit you when it arrives.

Maxi dresses are much more modest than anything else you could find while online dress shopping which makes them very work-appropriate but just as fitting for a stroll through the streets on your day off. The coverage they provide by default on the bottom gives you room to experiment on the top. You can pick an off-shouldered one for a date or a halter neck one to go shopping at your local framer’s market.

Maxi dresses are also known for automatically lifting up the personality and general vibe of the person wearing them. When you think of someone who regularly wears maxi dresses, you automatically associate them with a light, breezy attitude.  If you see someone in this dress, you will think this person is calm, collected, and has their life together. That kind of impression is hard to master, let alone with a single piece of clothing. Obviously, this is an item you need to have.

Printed Dresses

The 70s had many great fashion statements. Most of them were quite bold and rather overstated. Some were not that on the nose but just as amazing nonetheless.  The crowd favorite that made a return these past two years is dainty prints. The light, almost translucent prints in neutral or warm colors in small prints – be it shapes, flowers, or anything else. The theme was delicate and dainty, mostly on shirts and dresses.

Women‘s fashion happily embraced these printed dresses to be the sole items to be worn during the spring-summer season. Unlike other seasonal trends, this one was there to stay and we’re not complaining at all. Prints are always in fashion but printed dresses take it to a whole new level. Online dress shopping is sure to give you a wide range of selections with prints. The typical plaid, stripes, polka-dots, are all staples and will work wonderfully for you. 

But a print like this is bound to stand out amongst the crowd every single time. That too, without looking like you came from a hippie gang. It is a recreation of the 70s typical print to fit modern times. Picking a visual-heavy print will suffice in terms of layers as it is enough on its own.


The beauty of fashion lies in the details, in the small nuances which enhance any look without changing anything at all. It is a true example of adding to without taking anything away. Accessories have been the trademark of human civilization since time immemorial.

It is the easiest and most sure-shot way of making any outfit yours and personalizing it. The personal touch you add through the means of accessorizing is akin to that of one’s DNA.

The trends involving accessorizing dresses are many in number. Some of them transformed looks so much that you would probably not recognize your own dress.

Body Chains

The best, easiest and freshest way to accessorize a dress is to put on a body chain. The fact that it covers the areas of your body without any concealing whatsoever. It’s beautification at the highest of levels.

Layering it over a bodycon dress to create a night or festive look. A minimal body chain can elevate the look of a dress just slightly but change the look of it entirely. Iconic India has a lot of plain bodycon dresses that can smoothen your online dress shopping experience.  Use them as the base for putting on your desired jewelry item.

Fashion Hacks

The Instagram reels and TikTok have both shown their users the usability of social media sites for not only entertainment but tips and tricks to better your everyday lives.

The below-listed hacks are the best of these using them to modify your dress in the easiest of ways.

  • Use a pin to bunch up the inside of your dress in the back to give your waist a more defined look and alleviate the silhouette.
  • Wear a shirt under a sleeveless dress to make it look more chic and to wear any dress you want irrespective of the weather.
  • Use a spaghetti dress as a skirt by criss-crossing the straps and moving them down to your waist. Get double usage out of one article of clothing.
  • To get a trendier look, wear a camisole over a dress and achieve a model-like casual look.
  • The hem of a dress can be adjusted using hairpins to make it shorter, longer, tighter, ruched, etc.

The bottom line

Dresses are the uber-feminine way of defining yourself and still remaining functional throughout the day. Online dress shopping has seen a steep rise in terms of sales because of the fast-catching trend of wearing and styling dresses.

Iconic India lets you hop on the train without much stress or hassle. Offering you dresses in every category, from the best of luxury brands all available at one place so you can see your options clearly before making a decision. Revamping your wardrobe in the upcoming new year is not gonna be a huge task if you are smart about it.