There is no doubt that clothing has a significant influence on our individual appearance, and our visuals shape the way others perceive us. Visual perception dominates how others perceive you because the human brain is wired to trust what it sees over other senses.  People are reminded of someone by an image rather than their voice or disposition when they think of that person. 

It is safe to say that controlling your own appearance gives you control over what your halo effect will be. However, it is simply impractical to dedicate too much time to playing dress-up if you plan on being a functioning member of society. So you need a piece of clothing that is quick to put on, but makes you look put-together nonetheless – Shirts. 

On top of that, you need a place where you can get them – Iconic India, the home of luxury brands in India. 

These 4 Shirt Prints are all you’ll need

Stripes: timeless, classic, and always in style

Stripes are never a miss. They look great in all color combinations and orientations.  There can be a wide variety of ways stripes can be used as prints as well as the garment itself. Visually, they can serve many purposes like making you look taller and more streamlined ( vertical stripes ) or can give you a broader frame ( horizontal stripes ).

The styling options with stripes are limitless due to the clean and minimalistic design they offer. Pairing them with anything is easy and a no-brainer. Stripes are so effortless in terms of working well with multiple garments that they are 5 different items in one – wear a striped shirt tucked in, with a skirt, under or over a dress, tied as a crop top, or simply as a casual one-off with any solid color pants.  

They are a wardrobe staple for professionals. But even if you are not a professional, they are an excellent item to have in your wardrobe because it fits all categories – casual, semi-casual, and formal. 

The best part about prints like stripes is the lack of decision fatigue that comes with it. Just throw it on and get out the door without wondering whether it works or not – it always does. Stripes are such a basic print ( they’re literally just lines), that you can pair them up with other prints which are more visual-heavy without worrying about them clashing. They are not overwhelming to the onlooker either way. You can get a wide range of these in multiple brand catalogs available on Iconic India


Flowers are a niche that caters to everyone irrespective of age, gender, or taste in fashion. Floral patterns can embody a gradient of different concepts – everything from fierce to ethereal. The key concept with floral designs is that you can pick from millions of species of flowers – delicate Lilies or bold daisies or romantic roses. 

The choices are endless and you are sure to find one that can cater to your particular taste or the vibe you are going for. The collection at Iconic India is just a jackpot with so many fabric options.

Florals have stayed a permanent theme in all sorts of designer collections irrespective of the season – summer/spring, fall, or winter. There is no downside to buying floral print shirts because they fit in every aesthetic. You can include them accordingly or just add a dash of spice to your usual wardrobe with the typical fresh floral colors. 

Our natural instincts are to view plants and anything that includes the flora as something pleasant and inviting. Prints that include flowers have that same effect and instantly paint you in a better light – one rather positive. 

Animal Prints: they exude power, bring out sensuality and vie for the attention of all those who may look at you. 

They have been a cult favorite of the fashion industry for decades and from zebra to cow to leopard prints – represent an entirely different vibe each. Animal prints work with most garments but shirts are so flexible to style that your entire look does not have to be just animal print. They are easy to pull off as well. 

Far from basic, they appear a lot more fashion-forward than the other prints on this list. They draw attention but not in a bad way. 

These prints came to popularity during the 2005 – 2008 era ( thank you Britney ) and have stayed a permanent item in most of our wardrobes. It looks effortlessly chic – makes you look stylish by default rather than someone who spent an hour picking an outfit. 

The general vibe that animal prints exude is – exotic. They may not be actual animal skin ( because we are not murderers ), but they can emulate the same air of wealth and higher social status that the top 1% of the population had back in the 60s  – 70s, with considerably less, actually zero, bloodshed. 

The animal prints that are still the most popular and have only grown in terms of sales are – leopard, cheetah, tiger, and other predator hybrids. The reason? These are all inspired by animals that are at the top of the food chain. They have unchallenged power and position. This again reinforces the sense of power. Browsing through Iconic India’s collection you’ll see just how much of an impact these prints have.

The animal prints that have been recently popularised are – cow, zebra, and other herbivore animal prints. Now, these are popular for an entirely different reason. Contrary to the previously mentioned animal prints, these are actually disarming and seem harmless much like the animals they were originally taken from. This envelopes the onlooker in a sense of security and makes them see the person donning these prints as endearing or cute. They are better suited for a certain age group, especially children. 

If you work in a field that depends on your public image being amicable and approachable ( healthcare, retail, daycare, etc ),  then these prints are foolproof work attire that will still be considered trendy while serving a purpose.

The most talked-about animal print hat that is almost always out of stock is snake print. Whether it is clothing, accessories, or shoes. Snake print is always high in demand. Although on paper it is supposed to be similar to other predator prints, it has an added layer of sensuality to it. Wearing a snake print shirt is subtle yet bold and will make you the center of attention without being too on the nose. 

Color Blocks: astonishingly high fashion for something so simple. 

The biggest designers in the world have incorporated color-blocking techniques in their collections time and again and will continue to do so. The reason behind this visually light print is that it is also a form of abstract art. 

Now, when it comes to art, abstract might not be for everyone. But when it comes to fashion, it is nearly impossible to go wrong with color blocking. It is simply explained as the technique where you wear blocks of different colors. So you are putting on multiple solid colors but at once. 

Sometimes these are complementary colors and create a visually interesting look. Or they are colors in the same palette and create a put-together palette with your clothes. The rules are simple and based on color theory. They are not a fashion industry secret anymore but loved just the same. It involves being bold with colors and yet maintaining balance by adding a neutral tone or two. Combine single color block items from Iconic India to create state-of-the-art looks.

Why involve abstract art in your dressing sense, you might wonder. The answer is that since it is an abstract technique, it will enable you to accentuate and draw attention away from certain features. You can get the desirable silhouette every time if you master the color blocking technique. The most popular uses are using it to appear thinner. It is the equivalent of photoshop in real life.

It is bold yet understated and adds a quirk to your look. Color-blocked outfits can be worn casually or formally. It is not something for the faint of heart, that’s for sure but if you look at it as the extremely helpful tool it is, then excluding this print from your wardrobe simply because you are scared of a little color seems pointless.

In a nutshell

Staying on top of trends is not as difficult or as cringey as the media has made you believe. If you stick to classics and experiment lightly with the current fads, you will fare better than any fashion influencer out there. 

Fashion is for everyone and you can seamlessly incorporate it into your daily routine if you keep in mind that style is not for everyone. Style is about taking a popular trend and making it yours by giving it a personal touch. There is nothing wrong with being “basic” or keeping up with trends loosely as long as you are true to yourself. 

Clothing does not have the sole purpose of looking good. The majority of the population has lives that do not allow much time to indulge in the latest fashion fads or copy looks from celebrities. 
So basic, all-inclusive, easy to don clothing items like shirts with classic prints that are always in trend and easy to shop, thanks to sites like Iconic India, make it a smooth ride if you don’t want to look like you’re from a decade ago and still get your daily tasks done with the most efficiency.